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We're still going strong...and expanding...12 years later!

Just wanted to let you all know that the French Dip reviewing project continues to go strong and all is well.  There are now over 210 restaurants and 11,000 comments, images and scores in the system and it keeps growing all the time.  

The review data that originally started in Blogger has been migrated into a new tool which will lead to more fun and more adoption of our fun hobby. 

And we are expanding beyond "just" French Dip sandwhiches into whatever dish you may love most: Side Salads, yes. Spicy Chicken Teriyaki, yep. Bitterballen, of course.  Green Mango Salads, my favorite.  Burger Dips, they're great!  French Fries and more. 

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Sunday, January 2, 2022




Didn't feel like eating any of their other "free" sides right now so I splurged on a side salad.


Side salad #sideSalad



Salad sold separately. 😔

I want more on my salad than just the standard fare. This was definitely the standard fare and I wasn't all that enticed.  It wasn't too different from my GREAT salad the night before in Oregon but it wasn't great. Cheddar cheese maybe makes it a little bit nice but it's not enough to differentiate. I think it needs to have something like olives or cucumber or really anything (red onion?) that makes it different and better than "just a side salad".  Basics: good greens Performance: more basics Excitement: any unique feature.


Were fine.


Were crunchy.

Diced tomato

Don't really like seeing this usually.


Shredded cheddar


Was fine.  Not as thickly-cut as what I had the previous day.

Original Tri-Tip Dip #frenchDip




Alone it's pretty good.  I think I just didn't like the messiness and lack of finishing touches.



Overcooked. Black pepper taste. Not much of it.


Toasted and buttered.


No skewers.

Non-meat toppings

There were caramelized onions but I didn't really taste them.



Good but not overly flavorful, which is fine.


Caramelized Onions




Dark and rich. They didn't bring enough initially. They should know better.

Could have perhaps been upgraded to a score of 4 if it wasn't so messy and they actually cut the sandwich so a normal person could eat it.  They should have skewers as well.  I tore my sandwich in half like I was a ravaging animal.  Maybe they gave me a steak knife to cut it but I didn't see it.

Had been told that it's messy.

Primary flavor is salt and pepper.

Served "uncut" (not sliced).  This seems like a bad call. Pretty large size, generally. Buttered. Lots of cheese that fell out.

Not sure I've seen green chilies on an FD before.  Didn't taste or see them in this one.

La Conner Brewing

House Slow-Roasted Prime Rib Dip #frenchDip

Temperature its biggest issue. Also undisclosed horseradish Mayo.
Has a bit of a smoky taste.
Could have been better with more size and served hotter.
Prime rib with horseradish aioli and smoked cheddar cheese on a toasted Telera bread roll with au jus. Served with soup, salad or beer battered pub fries.

The telera is a white bread made from wheat flour, yeast, water and salt, used in various Mexican sandwiches. It is about sixteen centimeters long, flattened and oval shaped with two longitudinal cuts at the top from side to side.
Some sogginess on the bottom.

Sandwich alone
Looks small. Didn't look like a lot of beef. Beef looks good.
It's a 3 based on looks alone but probably 4.
Medium rare beef which is nice.
Quite small.
Not overly hot.
Not much.
Non-meat toppings
Horseradish Mayo not mentioned.

Quite oily.
Not hot enough.

Monday, November 1, 2021

The Old Edison French Dip Review, Edison, WA

My new view.  Nov 1 morning.  Cool, moon, lovely.

View of a Great Blue Heron from my telescope.

So it was dinnertime and I was Old Father Hubbard and had nothing.  Out I went.

Seemed like I needed to know.

My seat.  The clientele were a bit seedy.  I wasn't all that impressed or having too much fun.  I was trying to watch the KC Chiefes playing Joe Judge's NY Giants on Monday Night Football.

My water.  Service was slow.  The bartender was also the waitress...running ragged.

Here it is.  Doesn't look too bad.

Bread looks okay.  Meltedness and all that looks good.

Swiss and caramelized onions.  Seems like it's going to be good right.  M, not really great.

"Smooth" bleu cheese dressing a bit of a bummer.  Didn't stand out.

Salad looked pretty good generally.

Jus looks light in color but does have floating bits so I assumed it'd be good.  It was fairly "oily" which was good.  4 of 5.

Sandwich looks good but doesn't taste all that great standalone.  2 of 5.

Money shot is not looking real great.  Jus too light in color.  The jus did "save" the sandwich though and brought the flavor up to a 4 of 5.  Quite good. Oniony.

Also seen: the picture of this lady at the bar.  Risque!

Oh and she's hanging on the wall in the men's room as well.  Risqueeeee!! 

My "new" review system.  I continue to perfect and explore. It's fun.

Here's the side salad review.



  • French dip
    • 3 #score
    • Good but only passable. #comment
    • Sandwich alone
      • 2 #score
    • Size
      • 3 #score
    • Bread
      • 3 #score
      • Soft
      • Not notable
    • With jus
      • 4 #score
    • Jus
      • 4 #score
      • Oiliness
      • Darkness
      • Flavor
        • Nice
        • Oniony
      • Temp
    • Meat
      • 2 #score
      • Meh #comment
      • Prime rib
        • Not fresh
        • Overdone
        • Pan fried
    • Caramelized Onions
      • 3 #score
    • Cheese
      • 3 #score
  • Side salad
    • 3 #score
    • Freshness
      • 3 #score
    • Purple stuff
      • Cabbage
      • Onion
        • Too much
    • Dressing
      • Not notable. #comment
      • 3 #score
    • Diced tomatoes

The Farmhouse Inn French Dip Review, Mount Vernon, WA


So I made green beans earlier this day.  Roasted.  Were great.

The result.  Yum!

This is the "pie display" at The Farmhouse Inn.  Seems like the Farmhouse has been there my whole life.  It's a classic.  I wasn't expecting much but had to do my "research".

This is a view 7 miles north from The Farmhouse.

The money shot.  Looks good.  Great beef flavor and the texture of the bread was wonderful.  Like "bao".

Side of creamy horseradish.

Dark jus!  Yum!!!!

Nice looking sandiwch.  Skewers.  Cut partially on bias.

Looks good. You see the richness of the jus.

Meat may look a bit dry but not bad.

One orange, one blue skewer.

Side salad was quite good.

Really enjoyed it.  Fresh and cold.  Good chunky bleu cheese dressing, crunchy croutons.

My seat at the bar.

The Prime Rib Dip.  Nice!



  • Salad
    • Quickly served #comment
    • Dryness
    • Dressing
      • Bleu Cheese Dressing
        • Bleu chunks
        • Texture
          • Creaminess
      • Small plastic cup
    • Greens
      • Temperature
      • Fancy lettuce
      • Basic lettuce
      • A little red cabbage
      • A tiny amount of shredded carrot
    • Cucumber
    • Red onion
      • Quantity
      • Flavor
      • Crunchiness
      • Slicing
    • Croutons
      • Crunchiness
      • Saltiness
    • Plate
      • Clear Glass
  • Prime Rib Dip
    • 4 Pickle chips
      • Delicious #comment
    • Horseradish sauce
    • Sandwich
      • Skewers
        • Orange and blue
      • Size
        • Good enough
    • Bread
      • Doughiness
        • Like bao #comment
    • Meat
      • Quantity
      • Texture
      • Fat content
    • Jus
      • Saltiness
      • Richness