Saturday, September 24, 2011

The queue is building and friends are pinging me hard with pictures and requests to review

The last 24 hours has been hilarious with respect to my French dip blog.  People seem to be liking it.  My friend Charlotte, who's a food stylist, promoted the blog on her Facebook and I got a lot of traffic and interest from that.  Thanks, Charlotte!

Brian and Lindsay's SMS messages (and Lindsay's review)!

Brian and Lindsay having a dip at Emory's in Everett.

The SMS texts that followed:
Lindsay: I don't have much to compare it to, since this is my first FD [French Dip] in years but here goes:
Me: Nice
Lindsay: Cheese garlic bread with prime rib meat.  Great bread that was crunchy enough to add texture but not get too soggy when dunked.  Cheese/garlic added a nice touch without being overpowering.  Nice balance
Me: Lol
Lindsay: Meat was good.  Didn't notice any big fat chunks.  Probably cooked medium.  One order was enough for two people $16.25.  [Au] Jus was room temp but very tasty.  Beefy, not too salty, nice balance.

Woo hoo!  My first review from someone other than me!

Colin's SMS message

My buddy Colin sent me this pic from his phone for my reference.  Thanks, Colin, I'll check it out!

Adam and Angie's SMS message last night

My brother, Adam, sent me this pic.  My response:
Me: Angus, where's that?
Adam: Island Cafe in Anacortes [via picture]
Me: Yes.  I want pics and a full writeup!  Make it happen.
[Hasn't yet happened...he and I will have to talk!!]

Brad via Email
He Eric,
I consumed a french dip sandwedge [Brad is joking, he knows how to spell sandwich] last evening at the Alger Tavern. I would like to write a review on it.


So I'll have to get Brad up and running!

Anyways, it's been funny the interest and attention I'm getting.  Hope you enjoy!

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