Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (From Heaven) Awarded to The Keg Steakhouse for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Bellevue, WA on this 22nd day of October, 2011 - Prime Rib dip with Herbed Jus is Very Good (The first Perfect 5!)

Setting the scene
The Keg's sign in Factoria of Bellevue, WA.  It's in my old neighborhood.

It was lunchtime about two weeks ago and I needed to get my French dip in for the week (that's my current operating rule: one dip per week).  And I was out for lunch running errands by myself and had recently heard about The Keg's French dip.  It's in my neighborhood, so I stopped in and got the dip (for the purposes of both enjoyment and the proliferation of French dip and food review based content on the internetwebs).

My view from my table.  It was an early lunch but I like the vibe / ambiance in here!!

Menu and Ordering

The leather-bound menu makes you feel like a real stallion!
Prime Rib Sandwich: Slow roasted prime rib, sliced fresh off the roast (this is a  HUGE benefit over most places, and reminds me of JP's "Meat Age" tip about when it was made), on garlic bread.  $15.95.

The ambiance in The Keg is pretty nice.  It's a little dim but classy.  You feel semi cool and refined while here.  It's not a dive by any means and the wait staff is all quite professional and good.

Here it is.  Very pretty, au jus smelled great, nice-looking and tasting horseradish on the side, and a very well prepared Caesar Salad to boot!

Here you can see the very good bread and the medium-rare (and very excellent) Prime rib.  It was done perfectly and not very salty; just damn good!

Skewer method
Why bother?

Non-meat toppings
Horseradish on the side, which was a very nice option / touch and very spicy but MAN do I love that nasal hit you get when you go big enough!  What a rush!!!!!!!!!
Au jus
Herby.  OMG it's good.
Totally fine and not overly large portion.  The Prime Rib portion was generous and delicious.
First time using this category.  For the $15.99 its an expensive one but well worth it in my opinion!!
Other (fun?) stuff while there
I had privacy to geek out and eat my really good dip.  I did have to order more jus but this is not a complaint for me anymore.  I expect at this point that they will be too skimpy on the jus but it's not worth complaining about a lack of jus, just ask for more!!
Score (0-5) Comments
Real good.  Toasted lightly.  Between soft and firm; good texture.  The 'garlic bread' nature was not entirely apparent but it was very good nonetheless.
Excellent Prime rib.  Tender, perfectly done, not salty, good cut size.
Au Jus
Excellent.  A little thick but not quite gravy.  Very herby and delicious.  Not overly salty; primary characteristic was its herbiness.
A most excellent dip as a standalone, but when you add in the very good horseradish and real good Caesar with lemon, this can't be beat (or can it?!).

Reason to go back:  This is a great dip and I think The Keg, overall is a pretty good place to get good grub and drinks.

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