Monday, November 7, 2011

4 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Great) Awarded to Grim’s Provisions & Spirits for their French Dip Sandwich in Seattle, WA on this 7th day of November, 2011 - Jessica's 30th birthday party!

Setting the scene
Jessica's 30th birthday party!!!  The theme was 1981!

It was my girlfriend Jessica's 30th birthday party and we rented The Butterfly Lounge at Grim's on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  A friend, Lisa, had told me about the Grim's fancy-sounding French dip: "roast beef, havarti, horseradish aioli & au jus on giuseppe $7.95.  Includes green salad dressed with balsamic viniagrette and parmesan cheese." about a month ago and I wanted to try it.  But I don't really like to review Dips when others are present but I had to!   If you find this review incomplete, inaccurate, or misrepresentative, sorry...we were partyin'!!!!

Menu and Ordering
Grim's French dip: roast beef, havarti, horseradish aioli & au jus on giuseppe $7.95.  Includes green salad dressed with balsamic viniagrette and parmesan cheese.

Grim's menu has a lot of hearty, comfort-style foods.  I got to sample some other things that were quite nice.

Looks pretty good and semi-fancy. Small amount of jus provided but sufficient.

Medium rare roast beef, havarti which I couldn't taste.
The salad.  Kinda looks brown maybe but could have just been the balsamic staining the lettuce.  Tasted fine overall; good, simple dressing.

Overall, the plate was quite simple: a simple salad, a smallish sandwich and a very small portion of au jus.

Skewer method
Not used.

I think the 'giuseppe' is fancy and from the Macrina Bakery in Seattle ("Our classic, crusty Italian loaf. Leavened with biga (traditional sponge starter) and unbleached flour. Lighter in salt and perfect for dipping in your favorite olive oil.").  Recall that Maggie Bluff's (their French dip review) uses Macrina bread on their dip.  I think the Maggie Bluffs bread is better, more absorbent and better suited for a French dip.

Not a ton of pretty good, medium rare roast beef.

Non-meat toppings
They claim to have havarti and horseradish aioli on this thing but I didn't taste either; could have been the booze!!

Au jus
Very little (but enough) provided.  I think it tasted like Goat Cheese?  (It had a gamey flavor?!!!)

Smallish.  Very non-pillowy bread.

$7.95 for this semi-fancy dip is a pretty good deal.

Overall dip
It was fine but not that delicious to me.

Other (fun?) stuff while there
We had a great time celebrating Jessica's birthday and entertaining our guests.  The Butterfly Lounge is a pretty nice area!  ....Oh! and I took pictures with a REAL (non SmartPhone) camera for once!!


Score (0-5)Comments
Nice bread but not much of it.
Medium rare roast beef but not much of it.
Au Jus
Interesting.  Small but sufficient amount.  Goat cheese flavor?
Pretty fancy dip.  Kind of smallish.

Reason to go back:  Grim's has a pretty good dance floor and some of their other food, like the truffle pasta with bacon is really good!

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