Friday, November 11, 2011

5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (From Heaven) Awarded to Pine Lake Ale House for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Sammamish, WA on this 11th day of November, 2011 - This one is really good.

I wanted to write this review slightly differently and less anal than my previous ones.  This is my "short form" blog format for a French dip review.  My basic review method is to eat the thing, take pictures, and make short notes onto my phone.  I then clean up the text producing the more verbose and descriptive language below and then rate the sandwich on a variety of dimensions.  I like to end with the overall rating to assess the sandwich and experience overall.

Setting, Ambiance and Other
Good selection of cold beers, crowded with a very good vibe, nice neighborhoody spot, a great and entertaining server named Sarah.

The dip.  See the sesame seeds.  Good job of filling the au jus cup.  The bread is  whitish and the  meat and cheese are bursting out of the sandwich.  It looked and smelled really good!!

Sides, etc.:
Excellent starter bleu cheese salad with very great, juicy tasty red tomatoes, very thin and nice sliced onions, very nice big and soft, "forkable" croutons, and nice chunky bleu that was very well pre-tossed and the greens themselves were fancy and nice.

First Impressions: The sights, smells, and sizes.  
Au jus smelled good and was dark.  The bun had sesame seeds and the bread was semi-whitish.  The sandwich portion was just right and looked juicy with melted cheese and a hint of the aioli!

The eating of the dip.
Good white chewy crunchy bread.  Good and not greasy melted cheddar cheese.  Tangy, even nutty-tasting juice of a dark color, correct temperature.  Roast beef was crispy and slighty chewy but good.  It didn't seem like "fine" Prime Rib and was very thinly sliced and maybe even looked processed but still good.  Overall, the dip was juicy and not fatty and you could taste the garlic aioli if ever so slightly.  If you tried hard enough, sometimes you could taste the toasted sesame seeds.  The bread was chewy, crunchy, and very light colored.  I thought at one point that it could have been sourdough but I don't think it was.  Overall, the portion was perfect and I only used 3/4 of the good jus, which is nice to have some left behind (and not have to order three (see J. Michael's Pub)).

Place, 4, Nice place, crowded, good ambiance, nice server.
Salad, 5, great.
Sandwich Presentation and Impressions, 5, great, looked good.
Bread, 5, really good, the toasted sesame seeds, chewiness, and crunchiness were very nice touches.
Jus Availability, 5, only used 3/4 of the jus.  Good job!
Meat, 4, okay, crunchy.
Non-Meat Toppings, 5, nice cheese and aioli added something, sesame seeds on bread good.
Au Jus, 4, good solid jus.
Portion, 5, perfectly sized, not too big or small.
Overall, 5, very solid dip and the salad and ambiance were really good.

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