Saturday, April 26, 2014

5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (From Heaven) Awarded to Bellevue Brewing Company for their French Dip Sandwich in Bellevue, WA on this 26th day of April, 2014 - Amazing meat, unique and high quality.

Shaky photo of the item on the menu.

Bird's eye view of the meal.  You can tell from here that the jus is too weak / mild / light.

A beautiful sandwich with lots of meat, red onions, a tomato, horseradish.  Most excellent.

Look at all of that good meat.

You can see the well-done, crunchy/crispy, beef from here.

The money shot

Great meat that's crunchy! (in a good way) 5
Light jus 2
Horseradish flavor is good
The meat really is great, even "fun"!
Excellent sandwich overall:  5
The meat really is perfect
This meal is a 5 overall, regardless of the so so (too light) jus
Fantastic sandwich overall

Saturday, April 12, 2014

3 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Good) Awarded to Bullwheel for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Enumclaw, WA on this 12th day of April, 2014 - Not one of the better.

The menu at The Bullwheel, a lodge at Crystal Mountain ski resort.  Was up there with Garth and Dana on a perfect, sunny spring-skiing day.  We had fun!

The prime rib dip on the menu.  $16.  Came as described.

A picture of the meat.  Doesn't look real appealing.

A jus picture.  The light reflection makes it look like there's a goldfish floating in it in this picture (there wasn't).  The jus overall is pretty oily.  Good and herby (which is nice) but a little too oily, I think.  3.5 of 5 for this.

The view from our seat.  Again, beautiful day.

Another picture of the dip.  The bread is quite white and hardly toasted.  The skewers were orange-yellow in color.  The bread was dense: a 3 of 5.  Could have been more toasted.

The horseradish was quite good.  Not authentic or anything but good tasting.

No the most beautiful side profile.  The meat was medium rare but looked more read.  The bread is stark white.

The "money shot".  Pretty good jus.  Bread was okay.  Meat wasn't good.  Pretty bad prime rib in fact.

The salad that came with it.  Good overall.  About a 4 of 5.  Good blue cheese dressing.  Radish and julienned carrots for extra flair and steez.

Overall this dip had good jus.  The bread was only fair and not all that attractive.  The meat needed A LOT of work.  Garth ordered a dip as well and his meat was really bad and really gristly and overdone.  Sure, we weren't at a steakhouse or anything like that but between an overly oily jus and bad meat, this sandwich was only a 2.5 of 5.  For a prime rib dip it would score even lower.  Not as bad as the one we had at The Game.

Bread  3 of 5.  Dense.  Very white.  Not toasted enough.
Meat  2 of 5.  Not good for prime rib.  Provided too much gristle and did not provide consistency between well-done and medium rare, cut thickness, etc.
Jus  2 of 5.  Flavor was a 4 or so but the greasiness / oiliness was a turn-off.
Overall  2.5 of 5.  Good tasting jus, dense bread, meat lacking overly greasy jus.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Nah) Awarded to Financial Center for their French Dip Sandwich in Seattle, WA on this 3rd day of April, 2014 - Little Cafeteria in the Financial Building

The Financial Center building in Seattle has a little cafeteria in there and they offer a French dip.  Here's my review.

A mediocre salad.  3 of 5.

Look at this puppy.  Wow.  Not good.  Pretty light on the meat!!

Really?  This is a sandwich?  I paid for this?

Grill marks.  Yes!!!

A simple meal of food.

Jus.  What you'd expect.  Not too bad.

  • Bread: 2 of 5.  It's thin and mashed on the panini grill.
  • Meat: 1 of 5.  Need more.
  • Salad: 3 of 5.  Good enough.
  • Jus3 of 5.  Good enough.
  • Sandwich: 2 of 5.  Pretty small and pathetic but did the job.

OVERALL1 of 5.  Not your top sandwich.  The Asian lady behind the counter, though, is really nice!!

3 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Good) Awarded to Arby's for their French Dip Sandwich in Redmond, WA on this 3rd day of April, 2014 - Arby's new French Dip and Swiss

Arby's launched a new French Dip a few months back that I've since put through the trials. Here's my review.

The magic that is delicious, tangy, zesty Arby's Sauce.

The wonderful Arby's in Redmond.

The jus.

The way by which an intelligent person houses their copious amounts of delicious Arby's Sauce (within a cup lid)

The meal deal.  Fries included.
The pretty cheese looking unit.

The fries.  They're pretty good.

The "money shot".  Looks pretty juicy and delicious.  Cheese is garbage.

I must say that the cheese they're using is not stellar.  It pretty much destroys the otherwise pretty good sandwich.  Look at that terrible, processed cheese.

  • Bread: 3 of 5.  It's  fine
  • Meat: 3 of 5.  It's standard Arby's roast beef, which is pretty good and salty, not bad.
  • Non-Meat Toppings1 of 5.  Cheese is no good; failure.
  • Fries: 4 of 5.  Arby's makes good fries.
  • Jus3 of 5.  
  • Arby's Sauce: 5 of 5.  Zesty deliciousness.
  • Sandwich: 3 of 5.  Skip the cheese and enjoy. It's probably a 4 of 5 for the money if no cheese.

OVERALL3 of 5.  It's bigger and better than the old one but skip the cheese.