Sunday, December 27, 2015

3 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Good) Awarded to Varsity Inn for their Burger Dip Sandwich in Seattle, WA on this 27th day of December, 2015 - Chuckwagon Dip

I started a new job in late September and hadn't yet been out to lunch with my new boss, Peter.  I was looking forward to the lunch (with some apprehension) but in general I was excited for it.  We settled on the Varsity Inn, which is a very American breakfast and lunch place within a block of our office building in Seattle.  We walked up to the place--if I recall, it was raining--and entered the restaurant.  It was lunchtime and not too full.  It was a classic American, booth-style place.

I had recently had a French dip in Pete's presence and had told him about my French dip review hobby so I figured it would be fun to do a review over our first lunch.  He doesn't seem like much of a foodie so I'm not sure just how enamored he is with my hobby, but I didn't care and I wanted a French dip.

I was impressed that when I went to order, they had an entire section on their menu for "Dip Sandwiches".  They had a classic French dip, a BBQ Chicken Dip, and the Dagwood Dip, which was  a burger dip with Swiss.

The Chuckwagon Dip: 2 burgers with swiss cheese on a French roll, served with au jus, & choice of tossed salad, soup or fries

I ordered the Chuckwagon dip because I was feeling like it and I really like burger dips with Swiss.  Kidd Valley has one that is notably good.  Burger dip with Swiss, really is a category unto itself.  With my dip, I ordered a side salad with bleu cheese.

Plated, the dip was a true classic.  The cheese was processed and a bit too creamy but overall good.

Bread: 3 - classic bread, buttered and toasted
Meat: 3 - Decent beef and a good quantity
Jus: 3 - Good enough jus
Non-meat topping: 2 - processed Swiss cheese isn't my thing and it definitely degrades the value of the sandwich
Overall: 3 of 5 - It's a hearty big sandwich that is good enough and comes with a salad, all for a price under 10.  I probably won't be going back for this sandwich in particular but it's good enough in a pinch or if you are Jonesin' for beef, salty jus and creamy cheese.

Another quick note: the salad with Bleu cheese wasn't all that great.  Maybe just get the fries next time.

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