Saturday, December 10, 2016

3.5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Good) Awarded to The LODGE Sports Grille for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Mill Creek, WA on this 10th day of December, 2016 - Brian eats and reviews a mid-grade, oniony delight.


My friend Brian from Guemes eats a French dip now and again. Today was one of those special days and he was nice enough to share his experience with me via Facebook Messenger.  He included pictures and all.


Brian's review follows.  Here is an embellished version of his tasting notes and score for your information:
  • Fry temperature bad. He reported that is sweet potato fries, which he often gets and I believe must prefer over normal French fries, came out luke (temperature, not Skywalker, inbred!).
  • Bread good.  He reported that the bread was good and toasted lightly.
  • Meat quantity bad.  There was a reported lack of meat.  And I quote, "Not enough meat."
  • Jus good but lacking in portion.  He gave me feedback suggesting that the jus was good and "reasonably tasty".  He told me that he was forced to ration jus, which he said was, "Not good."
  • Onions a disappointment.  The sandwich contained "sauteed onions", which he reported as "merely cooked" and not carmelized, which I could understand how this might upset him.
  • A 3.5 of 5 overall.  Not bad!  In all, he scored the sandwich a 3.5 of 5, which isn't too bad.  Good for you, Brian.  Keep on dipping!


Here are Brian's photographic pictures with my captions added for your entertainment pleasure:

Here we see the LODGE menu.  Not sure why they need to capitalize all letters in LODGE.  Perhaps they are yelling?  You will also note that Brian has a very prolific phone-shadow in his photo which is not preferred for a news organization as fine as French Dip Reviews.  

The plated unit with what is apparently a side of ranch and ketchup.  Indulging in sauces, I see.  Dark jus.  Good portion on the sandwich.

Looks like tasty provolone cheese and visible (lightly toasted) buttered bread.  The bread crust is shiny, which is nice effect.  One time I shaved using the reflection in bread.

Yes, these sauteed onions are indeed fairly al dente rather than very far gone.  The don't NEED to be caremelized but of course caramelization adds a lot of delicious flavor.  Brian also made a comment about the meat being well and not rare at all, which was a disapointment.

We can tell at this point that we are devoid of meat, which is a major buzzkill.

This is Brian's demonstration of the lack of cooking on the onions.  We can also tell that his jus-tank is quite low for as much sandwich he had left, which must have been a quite sad and lonely feeling.

Bon Appetito!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

4 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Great) Awarded to Joker Pub & Grill for their Burger Dip Sandwich in Issaquah, WA on this 20th day of November, 2016 - Wonderful yet tiny Burger Dip.

Here Jessica and I are at the Joker Pub in Issaquah.  It was a Sunday in November and the Seahawks were playing.  Our current residence is without TV so we felt inclined to venture out to a sports bar to root on the 'Hawks as they took on the Philadelphia Eagles.  The outcome was a good one!

The menu.  We were lucky enough to be there when the owner, who we had never met, was there as well.  A table of folks next to us was partying it up and the people who we sat by were a very friendly couple originally from Toronto, Canada.

They have two dipped sandwich offerings on their menu: a French dip (which is actually a Prime Rib Dip) and also the burger dip.  I was feeling more like a burger dip (not sure what it is other than the wholesome, meaty goodness of tasty burger).

There's the burger dip and it comes with grilled onions and Swiss.  Both wound up being good complements and the jus, as they had claimed, was indeed rich.  Good job, Joker!

Here it is served.  It looks really normal but I laughed out loud at the size of the bread, which is quite small.  It is about the size of a hot dog bun, which I found a bit insulting and tricky.  The side salad was fine, the jus looked dark.  This meal followed a reasonable helping of Coors Light so I was ready.

Close-up of the sandwich innards including the grilled onions.  I'll have to get a better camera.

Jessica was somewhat disappointed that the salad dressing was oozing all over the fork.  I captured the disappointing situation.

Here are my detailed tasting notes as we devoured the food meal:

  • The bread was very tiny and pathetic hot dog-like if not smaller in size.  LOL!  I had never seen a sandwich that small even though the owner made if very clear that it was A THIRD POUND OF BEEF.  Maybe true, sir, but the clear appearance of this sandwich is kind of silly.  I suggested to him that there be a "regular" and "large" size of it.  Perhaps a "hers" and "his" size.  The bread was probably two inches wide.  Sliders are bigger than this.   That said, of the snakelike looks, it was very tasty and looked very high quality as well.  Does size matter?
  • The grilled onion was good and added to my overall satisfaction in the meal. 
  • The Swiss cheese was well was generally additive. 
  • The bread, albeit small, was white yet fine, receiving a score a 3 of 5.
  • The sandwich when eaten alone without jus was uninteresting but also beefy and good, although tiny.  I give it a 3 and a 2 for size.
  • The jus was indeed rich and quality as advertised, dark and good, winning a 4 of 5 possible points.
  • The size of this sandwich was its biggest issue.  Had it been a little larger it would maybe even have scored a 5 of 5. 
  • The meat was well done, good burger with a very pleasing caramelized flavor.  I truly loved the burger taste and texture, whereas Jessica claimed that she didn't love a burger dip.  A burger dip may be my singular favorite food. 
So in total, this was a really good Burger dip but its biggest issue was small bread.  It made me laugh how small it was.  It was like a kid's toy.  Very delicious and fine.

  • Bread - 0 of 5 - for the size
  • Meat - 4 of 5 - for tasty, caramelized, good-tasting burger
  • Non-meat Toppings - 4 of 5 - for a conjoined benefit to the sandwich between the Swiss and grilled onion
  • Jus - 4 of 5 - for its richness and serious, delicious flavor
  • Sandwich - 3 of 5 - as it was not overly mind-blowing when eaten alone
  • Overall 4 of 5 for this really tasty burger dip that could have been a 5 had the size of the bread not been something from Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

2 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Not Quite There) Awarded to Jules Maes Saloon for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Seattle, WA on this 19th day of November, 2016 - What could be a good Prime Rib Dip.

I was in West Seattle with a bit of time on my hands before recording my first ever podcast.  I was super stoked for it and I thought I would celebrate the occasion with my favorite sandwich food.

I sat at the bar.  It was about 11 AM on a Saturday so it felt like the restaurant was filled with a perhaps hungover Saturday crowd.  Georgetown is pretty casual and a bit hipster but there was a good mix of people in the joint: older people, younger people.  Jules Maes has a casual, neighborhood feel.  I watched the cooks cook.

Le Menu.  I was excited.  I had been to Jules Maes in the past and I think I have a memory of having their French dip before but I wasn't sure.  I knew I had had their tater tots and thinking back on it, maybe that's all I should have gotten.  Tots can be quite delicious, you know.

Sorry for the lack of focus on this here picture.  It says, "Prime Rib Dip: horseradish sauce, herb-garlic au jus, French roll.  The grand total since I ordered a side salad instead of tots or fries as $20.08.

Here it is served.  The sandwich doesn't look too big or tall.  Nothing too exciting about it.  The sandwiches look a little floppy and sloppy and we'll get into that particular issue a bit later.

Here are my detailed tasting notes as I ate this here sandwich meal:

  • Greasy tasting
  • My plate sat for about five minutes after the kitchen finished with it (I watched them set my plate down and counted the minutes as it got cold.) Sad. 
  • Overall, the bread was ok and perhaps even ideal: it was chewy bread and had a bit of a sourdough taste, I thought.  Bread probably gets a 4 of 5. 
  • Since the sandwich sat for so long, I had to ask for hot jus and getting that took a long time, too (bad service).  The woman behind the bar said she would get me some and then she never did so I finally begged for more from another bartender.  When it came out the second time it was hot at least.
  • As for how the green salad was: the Bleu cheese dressing was good, which was nice but by no means saved the meal.  The salad was only okay and was not very big either (compare to the Georgetown Liquor salad that is served with their very delicious Picard sandwich).  That thing was like a separate and delicious meal of food!). 
  • The sandwich came with the creamy horseradish pre-added.  The consequence of this action was a greasy and wet texture of the sandwich.  I wouldn't call it juicy, just greasy and heavy.
  • They put a lot of care into their jus: it was dark and claimed to be herb-garlic, but I really didn't think it was that good.  I give it a 3 of 5 for care but it didn't blow my mind or please me to the degree I would rather be pleased.  The jus was dark, rich and authentic but it also had some kind of woodend and/or umami flavor, which didn't do it for me.  It maybe needed to be tangy-er. 
  • Bread - 4 of 5 - for its chewiness and good flavor
  • Meat - 3 of 5 - the prime rib didn't really stand out at all
  • Non-Meat Toppings - 0 of 5 - the horseradish cream made the sandwich unnecessarily greasy and caused it to lose any hope of tasting fresh
  • Jus - 3 of 5 - for an attention to quality but the flavor in the end was not all that great
  • Sandwich - 2 of 5 - 
  • Overall - 2 of 5 - wasn't a fan.  The slow service, coupled with a sandwich that was pre-coated in a mayonnaise-like substance was not my cup o' tea
Overall I give this sandwich and meal experience a 2 of 5 due to bad service and a French dip that seemed greasy.  Next time I go I will A) get tots instead of the salad B) get the horseradish on the side and C) make sure that it comes out from the kitchen rapidly.  I am not willing to settle for luke (warm?  No, Skywalker, you inbred) jus.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

3 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Good) Awarded to Tub's Gourmet Subs for their French Dip Sandwich in Lynnwood, WA on this 30th day of October, 2016 - A true classic.

I was out shopping for a new (used) car with my brother and we found ourselves at Tub's Gourmet Sandwiches in Lynwood at lunchtime.  I had been to Tub's before, even reviewed one of their sandwiches, the Firecracker, which was so delicious.  I was excited to have their French dip.  I felt deplete to have not had it before.

Tub's is a deli-style establishment that feels pretty ma and pa, local, which is good.  It has a good feeling and vibe and I believe it has a pretty good following, large clientele, and respected brand.  

Adam and I both ordered the French dip (small size).  "Roast beef and your choice of cheese, toasted on a buttered baguette...served with hot au jus."  Sounds simple and about right.  We both opted for provolone over the other selections of cheddar and Swiss.  In hindsight, one of those other cheeses, could have made the sandwich a bit more interesting.

When we were ordering, the kid at the counter told us that I was the third "Eric" (spellings varied) to order in a row.  I forgot this fact and while drinking our waters, waiting for our order, I heard "Eric" called out.  So I rushed to the counter and reviewed the order.  I quickly realized it was not mine but was also reminded of just how delicious the Firecracker sandwich was. The other Eric agreed that the Firecracker was awesome.  We continued waiting...not too long...and eventually got our order that included sides of clam chowder.  Note that the chowder is served with a piece of bread as a side, which seems a bit strange (carb heavy) especially within the context of a sandwich.

Here is my jus and chowder.  Both in styrofoam.  LOTS of styrofoam was used in the delivery of this meal, which seems a bit sad to me.  I would think they would get with the clue on that issue by now.  Switching to another packing type would have many benefits to their brand.

Here's the French dip sandwich.  You can see quite a bit of roast beef and good, nice quality bread.  It was toasted nicely as well.

Here's my hand-model, Adam, after his first bite.  Note that I instructed him to eat the sandwich first, alone, to judge its utility.

Adam, bun-deep.

Here are my detailed tasting notes from the meal:
  • Good not great chowder with black peppery taste, thin texture. 
  • The bread was perfectly toasted and good. 
  • The overall size was generous.
  • The use of so much styrofoam was a bit over the top and ridiculous.  This might fly in Texas but I would think Washingtonians are a bit more conscious / concerned about this issue.
  • Lots of roast beef piled high but it was not HOT, which made the sandwich lose points.
  • The sandwich was good-tasting when enjoyed by itself sans jus.
  • I chose provolone cheese which was an okay choice but didn't add a lot.  I may prefer Swiss cheese for a French dip due to its deep, umami flavor. 
  • The au jus was light (nothing too special or too rich) but good 
  • The bread was very absorbent, which took up a lot of jus, causing me to re-order jus.  I watched the lady pour me a new jus out of a coffee thermos, which did not heighten the degree of perceived flavor for me.
  • The roast beef on the sandwich was plentiful and fine-tasting but cold.  Lost points here. 
  • The bread was indeed buttered and the $6.79 price tag was reasonable.
  • Overall this was a 3.5 of 5 ("pretty good"), simple, no frills except cheese.  A competent and reasonable sandwich.
  • Bread 3 of 5 - Too absorbent, perhaps too much.
  • Jus 3 of 5 - OK only but served hot, which was nice.
  • Meat - 2.5 of 5 - Fine roast beef but it was served cold, which I don't really like as a contrast to the hot jus.
  • Non-Meat Toppings (Provolone cheese) - 3 of 5 - Fine but nothing notable 
Tubs is a good sandwich shop and makes a good, solid French dip that could be improved by eco-friendly packaging, hotter (jus-dipped) roast beef, and richer jus.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (From Heaven) Awarded to Nine O for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Bellevue, WA on this 5th day of October, 2016 - Onion jam? Yes, please.

Here's the outside of their fancy menu.  It was nighttime and we missed happy hour so prices were high.

You'll see the Prime Rib Dip in there.  I did.  (And do).  Squint your eyes if you're having a hard time.

Prime Rib Dip.  $16.  Mamma Lil's peppers (so that's what those are called!) and onion relish (god it was great, an absolute highlight, almost requirement for a great French dip.  The French baguette was really good too.

The plated unit with the Mamma lil peppers, twisted bamboo skewers, a nice white plate and a nice white porcelain ramekin. The salad didn't look wonderful but I was generally impressed with the looks of the sandwich and the smell of the jus caught my nose in the most enjoyable of ways.

Close-up of the sandwich indeed.  Good bread.  The Prime rib was not rare in any way (medium to medium well but it was good and not too chewy or anything like that.)

I met up with my buddy Berry last night for drinks and a business conversation.  It was 6:30 and I was starving.  At first I thought I was going to get an appetizer to hold myself over for a real dinner but I realized I was just too hungry that I had to go all in.  ...And they had a French dip (Prime rib dip) on the I threw down...all in.

I told Berry about my French dip eating and reviewing hobby (habit) so I got to entertain him with the process of photographing it, reviewing it and eating it like a freak.  It was fun.  I used to be embarrassed, quite literally, of doing my French dip reviewing in front of others but now I am pretty proud of it and think it's funny.  I have fun with it and can still engage while going through the reviewing motions.  It's a fun and silly hobby.  Berry had to endure the note-taking I was doing into my phone but that was fine.

So the Prime rib dip came out while I sat there talking to Berry.  The smell of the jus immediately permeated my nose and I was stoked and simply enjoyed the aroma, adding to my conversation.  It looked really good, too, so I felt like I would be in good shape.  I tasted the sandwich, standalone, and it was very good.  The beef was medium or beyond (which scores it a points lower) but was overall good.  The onion jam flavor was very delightful and I'd never experienced it on a French dip.  It was a wonderful condiment and accompaniment.  I sipped the jus, standalone, and it was salty and rich. It was perhaps overly salty but that's what a French dip is about, right?  The salt?

The dipping was good and as I enjoyed consuming the whole sandwich, what impressed me more than anything was the crunchy toasted quality bread, the rich jus, and the extremely delicious onion jam.  Onion jam!

After I devoured the sandwich, I moved onto the salad, which was good but not really notable.  Some of the lettuce had wilted some due to its close proximity to the hot sandwich and jus. Overall, it was fine, had croutons and okay dressing but nothing too wonderful.

The presentation of the meal overall was nice with good Mamma lil's peppers on top of the twisted bamboo skewers, handsome bread and good dishes.

Raw tasting notes:

  • Smell of jus is good to start 
  • Looks good 
  • White sourdough, dense hearty looking bread 
  • Topped with a pepper on skewer I've never seen 
  • Very dense bread 
  • Nicely spicy
  • Very salty but good, rich jus
  • Onion jam excellent and spicy? 
  • Crunchy bread 
  • Good salad with some wiltedness caused by the proximity of the lettuce to the hot stuff 
  • topped with a round pickled pepper on each half of the sandwich. 
  • The onion jam was a real hit with me 
  • the bread was really dense and had some good crunch to it that could be overridden by the jus. 
  • i might even like stale, very chewy french dip bread.  The last thing you want is wonder bread. 

The scoring:

Bread: 5
Meat: 3
Non-Meat Toppings: 5 (Onion jam, yes!!!!)
Jus: 4 (A bit too salty but good)
Overall: 5 (The onion jam and great bread brought this thing home.  It was a delight to eat.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

4 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Great) Awarded to North Bend Bar and Grill for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in North Bend, WA on this 7th day of September, 2016 - Prime Rib & Cheddar

So here we are at the North Bend Bar & Grill.  Jessica and I were out for date night (it was Wednesday).  We went to North Bend to check things out down there.  It's a cute little town.  Pretty limited but cute.

After enjoying clams as an appetizer, I zeroed in on the Prime Rib & Cheddar Sandwich option.  I had been in a "French dip funk" (I will explain later) and thought I might need to do it.  I wasn't that hungry so Jessica and I agreed to split that there French dip, plus it came with fries and a salad so we were good.  While we were getting settled I ordered a Rainier pint.  

So I had two choices for the dipped prime rib sandwich au jus.  I wasn't feeling up (at all) for the peppers and onions and even had a hard time talking myself into getting a sandwich with cheddar on it (was feeling like more of a purist that night).  So I went for this bad boy.  I see that they also have a turkey option, which I am sure is good.  But the prime rib wound up being pretty good meat, not surprisingly. 

Our waitress brought out the salad, which was quite nice looking.  That is carrots you see, not cheese.  And the lettuce was hearty and nice greens.

At first I was afraid that she had only brought out bleu cheese crumbles and the salad might be dry but this was just a (really) nice touch they do to their bleu cheese dressing is to top the serving container with the crumbles.  And it wound up being a very good salad!

As I mentioned, Jessica and I had agreed to split the French dip so we were both presented with a nice plate, good portion, good looking jus, and fries.  I wasn't so hungry, so this looked like a really good amount of food and Jessica even took half of hers home but she eats like a bird, sorry Jessica dear.

A close-up of the jus.  It was served in a fine, classic container, it was dark, looked quite hot, smelled good, looked rich, good, etc.  So I felt pretty confident that it would be good and it was indeed good.  It was perhaps overly salty but in general it was good jus.  When it comes to jus, it is better to err on the side of too rich rather than too bland.

Here's a close-up of the sandwich and the creamy horseradish sauce to its left.  The creamy horseradish was actually quite good: pretty spicy, etc. with a good kick but I prefer the non-creamy varieties of horseradish and as someone who in general does not like most foods overly rich or creamy.  The bread looked quite pretty, the cheese quite nice and the meat nicely crisped and such.  In general I was a fan of the presentation and felt like it would be a good meal.  

I don't know this man.  I was trying to take a picture out the window of Mt. Si behind him and he awkwardly looked over at me right as I was taking the picture so that didn't go well.  Sorry, dude, I hope you enjoyed your hamburger, conversation and glass of wine!

So here is the review, people:

  • Salad good. It was a really good, nicely presented salad with nice ingredients and a fancier-than usual dressing that included a blue cheese crumble topping.   
  • Jus good.  The jus looked good, hot, rich and thick upon serving and was delivered in what would be a proper container.  I wrote down that that jus was "really good" and it was also really salty.  I think we don't grade down jus for being overly salty unless it is really like over the top screwed up salty.
  • Meat good.  The prime rib was indeed really good when eaten alone and seasoned quite nicely with a salty but good flavor.  The prime rib was prepared medium well and gets a strike against it because I was not presented with the option for it to be medium rare, etc.
  • And then there was the bread.  Now the bread on the other hand looked okay overall and was of high quality but in general had a "floury" taste (and visible flour) and it was non-French.  It was especially spongy and not very porous (sidebar: it's called porosity or void friction and needs to get added to the metrics page).  You don't want an overly absorbent bread, which this was.  It wasn't too soft but it was also not buttered much if at all and it wasn't very toasted.  The bread did not ruin it for me but it also did not make or really help the sandwich in any significant way; the highlights were the salty meat and cheese and the quite rich jus.
  • Cheese good.  The chedder cheese topping was of good quality, nice and thick.  It added benefit to the sandwich.  The sandwich alone (when eaten without the jus was pretty good but not to die for.  The meat was good.)   
  • Horseradish cream was there, but whatever.  As I previously mentioned, the horseradish cream was good but of the creamy type and had the right amount of spiciness.  But I did not really splurge on it (one dip, I believe) as it is not really what I needed or wanted at the time. 
  • Fries.  It was nice that they gave out both fries and a very salad.  The fries were only okay with some a bit on the mushy side.  As is my basic custom, they were dipped into ketchup.  Mustard was not on the table I don't believe and had it been I would have most likely used that mustard for dipping my fries into, okay? 
    • Overall sandwich dipped.  This sandwich was a 4 of 5 overall.  It loses points for the bread primarily. In general, this was a high priced meal at $15.99 but because it came with fries and salad, cheese, prime rib and the size was pretty good, it is not entirely outlandish, especially for the Seattle area.  It was also a nice feature and touch that they split it between me and Jessica and each portion was quite generous.  
    • Bread.  I score the bread as a 2 of 5 for a few reasons: quite white in color, not buttered much if at all, not toasted much, not very crunchy, had some taste like flour, overly absorbent.
    • Jus.  The jus I will score as a 4 of 5 primarily due to its saltineess but in general it was rich and good.
    • Meat.  The meat gets a 4 of 5 for being crunchy and nice and salty and tasty and prime rib.  It could have been better had I been given the option to choose doneness but overall it worked very well with this sandwich and was enjoyable.
    • Cheese.  I give the cheese (non-meat topping) a 4 of 5 given its quality, thick cut and value-add to the sandwich.  
So there you have it, dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. reader person.  I hope you enjoyed the review and will enjoy a French dip of your own very soon.  Or at least a conversation about one.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (From Heaven) Awarded to Georgetown Liquor Company for their Vegetarian Dip Sandwich in Seattle, WA on this 14th day of July, 2016 - The Picard - God, it's good!

It was a Friday and I had the day off of work because I had been on call the previous weekend (see the Cowiche French Dip review from my trip to Yakima).  It was a lazy and fun day and I didn't have much going on.  So I figured a French dip would be a good treat.  So I looked on my French Dip To Do List on Foursquare for my next adventure and I found the Georgetown Liquor Piccard.  I had been told about this French dip years ago by my old pal Charlotte who is a food stylist, foodie, cook, artist, etc.  And I knew it was vegetarian but she said it was delicious so I knew I had to hit it up. And I had not had a vegetarian French dip before so this was fascinating and exciting to me.  I was intrigued.

I showed up at Georgetown Liquor at lunchtime on a Friday and there weren't too many people there but I immediately liked the place.  I sat at the bar and enjoyed the company of the bartender.  A few others were there but it wasn't very crowded.  

So here's the menu.  I ordered an IPA while I waited. I asked the waiter (LOL) what beverage paired best with a French dip and he didn't have a good answer.  (Not surprisingly). : )

So there's the Picard, "Lentil Sage Field Roast, roasted red onions, fresh mozzarella, creamy roasted garlic spread, toasted on ciabatta.  Served with vegan au jus.  $10.45.  Pretty intriguing, right?  I was definitely intrigued.

Here's the picture of the plate, served.  The mozzarella is visible.  The jus is dark.  The salad is composed of nice greens.

Again, dark and very good jus.

And this salad, you will note, unfolded into a PLATEFUL of salad, which was a nice treat afterwards.  I ordered the vegan ranch dressing (this place only serves vegetarian stuff, btw, if you hadn't picked up on that nuance yet).

Not too impressive AND blurry image of the expanding salad that was so good.  Note the shaved parm and chunky, skinned cukes!

So I went through two au jus cups. Do you hate me?

Here were my tasting notes so you can get the full effect:

  • Small size - yes, small but not terribly small.  Sufficient, we shall say
  • Limited jus - this is true but I asked for more and it came right out, piping hot, deliverd by the cook!
  • Unique - yes indeed it sure was.  What a fun, interesting, delicious sandwich
  • Toasted - yep, good job.  Gotta have it toasted.
  • Great taste - Sure it was.
  • Quality - Yep, it really was a tasty unit!
  • Good bread - Yep
  • The sandwich alone had no problems without the jus and was good alone, which is a great sign.  But you have to dip of course.
  • Great, peppery jus flavor - I "pre-tasted" the jus (sipped some) to gauge its caliber and was basically delighted.
  • Didn't need or want beef/ meat - Yeah, the lentil safe Field Roast was extremely tasty and din't make me feel like I needed real beef.  This is a true statement is that some of the meatless proteins can be soooooooooo good and delicious you'd really never need or want meet again.  Until you have meat again and it's really good.
  • Very satisfying and delicious - Yep, thank you Georgetown Liquor for an excellent sandwich. The barkeep said it is indeed their most popular and I can fully understand why.  How great was this thing?!?!
  • Smaller size not bothersome - Yeah, I'm over this.  You wouldn't want to overdo it with immensity.
  • Onions, basically delicious - Yep, I really enjoy delicious things, like the roasted red onions, it turns out.
  • Field roast really tasty, almost meat like - Yep. Good stuff.  Thank you.
  • More jus promptly delivered by cook - That was a really nice touch and impressed me.
  • Crust on field roast crispy, chewy and delicious, great flavor - Yep
  • 5 of 5 across the board. Delicious.  God this was good.
  • Good, nice, big salad with fresh greens - Yeah, and this was a huge added benefit.  Note that there's no bleu cheese dressing here but the vegan ranch was extremely good
  • Delicious fresh salad with dry, excellent greens, shaved Parmesan, delicious dressing, good cucumber, Cherry tomatoes - God, I need to go back now!!!! : )
  • Served in a red plastic basket with checkered paper - Why not?


Bread: 5 of 5
"Meat": 4 of 5 - I love that it's not meat and so good.  But it's not meat and can't beat excellent beef so I"m going to pull out the penalty flag here but an excellent use of delicious protein.
Au Jus: 5 of 5 - And done with out meat so that's awesome
Overall: 5 of 5 - Absolutely delicous sandwich and salad at an affordable place at a funky place with friendly people