Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (From Heaven) Awarded to Georgetown Liquor Company for their Vegetarian Dip Sandwich in Seattle, WA on this 14th day of July, 2016 - The Picard - God, it's good!

It was a Friday and I had the day off of work because I had been on call the previous weekend (see the Cowiche French Dip review from my trip to Yakima).  It was a lazy and fun day and I didn't have much going on.  So I figured a French dip would be a good treat.  So I looked on my French Dip To Do List on Foursquare for my next adventure and I found the Georgetown Liquor Piccard.  I had been told about this French dip years ago by my old pal Charlotte who is a food stylist, foodie, cook, artist, etc.  And I knew it was vegetarian but she said it was delicious so I knew I had to hit it up. And I had not had a vegetarian French dip before so this was fascinating and exciting to me.  I was intrigued.

I showed up at Georgetown Liquor at lunchtime on a Friday and there weren't too many people there but I immediately liked the place.  I sat at the bar and enjoyed the company of the bartender.  A few others were there but it wasn't very crowded.  

So here's the menu.  I ordered an IPA while I waited. I asked the waiter (LOL) what beverage paired best with a French dip and he didn't have a good answer.  (Not surprisingly). : )

So there's the Picard, "Lentil Sage Field Roast, roasted red onions, fresh mozzarella, creamy roasted garlic spread, toasted on ciabatta.  Served with vegan au jus.  $10.45.  Pretty intriguing, right?  I was definitely intrigued.

Here's the picture of the plate, served.  The mozzarella is visible.  The jus is dark.  The salad is composed of nice greens.

Again, dark and very good jus.

And this salad, you will note, unfolded into a PLATEFUL of salad, which was a nice treat afterwards.  I ordered the vegan ranch dressing (this place only serves vegetarian stuff, btw, if you hadn't picked up on that nuance yet).

Not too impressive AND blurry image of the expanding salad that was so good.  Note the shaved parm and chunky, skinned cukes!

So I went through two au jus cups. Do you hate me?

Here were my tasting notes so you can get the full effect:

  • Small size - yes, small but not terribly small.  Sufficient, we shall say
  • Limited jus - this is true but I asked for more and it came right out, piping hot, deliverd by the cook!
  • Unique - yes indeed it sure was.  What a fun, interesting, delicious sandwich
  • Toasted - yep, good job.  Gotta have it toasted.
  • Great taste - Sure it was.
  • Quality - Yep, it really was a tasty unit!
  • Good bread - Yep
  • The sandwich alone had no problems without the jus and was good alone, which is a great sign.  But you have to dip of course.
  • Great, peppery jus flavor - I "pre-tasted" the jus (sipped some) to gauge its caliber and was basically delighted.
  • Didn't need or want beef/ meat - Yeah, the lentil safe Field Roast was extremely tasty and din't make me feel like I needed real beef.  This is a true statement is that some of the meatless proteins can be soooooooooo good and delicious you'd really never need or want meet again.  Until you have meat again and it's really good.
  • Very satisfying and delicious - Yep, thank you Georgetown Liquor for an excellent sandwich. The barkeep said it is indeed their most popular and I can fully understand why.  How great was this thing?!?!
  • Smaller size not bothersome - Yeah, I'm over this.  You wouldn't want to overdo it with immensity.
  • Onions, basically delicious - Yep, I really enjoy delicious things, like the roasted red onions, it turns out.
  • Field roast really tasty, almost meat like - Yep. Good stuff.  Thank you.
  • More jus promptly delivered by cook - That was a really nice touch and impressed me.
  • Crust on field roast crispy, chewy and delicious, great flavor - Yep
  • 5 of 5 across the board. Delicious.  God this was good.
  • Good, nice, big salad with fresh greens - Yeah, and this was a huge added benefit.  Note that there's no bleu cheese dressing here but the vegan ranch was extremely good
  • Delicious fresh salad with dry, excellent greens, shaved Parmesan, delicious dressing, good cucumber, Cherry tomatoes - God, I need to go back now!!!! : )
  • Served in a red plastic basket with checkered paper - Why not?


Bread: 5 of 5
"Meat": 4 of 5 - I love that it's not meat and so good.  But it's not meat and can't beat excellent beef so I"m going to pull out the penalty flag here but an excellent use of delicious protein.
Au Jus: 5 of 5 - And done with out meat so that's awesome
Overall: 5 of 5 - Absolutely delicous sandwich and salad at an affordable place at a funky place with friendly people

4 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Great) Awarded to Cowiche Canyon Kitchen & Ice House for their Prime Rib Dip Sandwich in Yakima, WA on this 14th day of July, 2016 - Risky service.

Jessica had some horse-related event in Yakima on Saturday and I was on call that weekend.  I wanted to hang out with her, I like "Eastern" Washington (East of the Cascades), so I tagged along.  The issue was that I was on call and had to be tethered to civilization in case tragedy struck.  We were graciously hosted by Barry Bernfeld, a family friend in Yakima.  We stayed out his house on Friday night, Jessica left early Saturday morning and I was quite bored the next day, wondering what to do with myself.  I had a car that had been loaned to me from Barry, which was a really nice perk.  Around lunch time I had decided I would entertain myself with a French Dip at a place that was ranked quite high in Foursquare.  To be honest, Yakima does not, I repeat does not, have a lot going on there including not too many hoity toity restaurants like a person might see in a major metropolitan area like Seattle.  

It was 90 out that day so a nice little heat spell for me; a little mini-vacation.

So anywho, I showed up at this place and it was really hard to find the door to get into it.  WTH?  So I eventually found the door and walked inside.  It was nice and fancy and modern and such and there were a few people and the vibe was quite good.  

So here's the menu.  Looking fine.

And there's the quite high-priced Prime Rib Dip at $16.50.  "Thinly sliced prime rib, Cowiche roll, served with [note the use of with next to "au", the French word for with] au jus, horseradish sauce and thin-cut fries. 

So I ordered it and waited while I gazed deeply into my flower vase.

And I also studied and enjoyed my ice water.

And I appreciated my person pepper mill and laundered napkin.

Now you might expect at this point that I got somethign good.  But I didn't.  And I am ashamed to say, I do not have photographic evidence of the failure pile.  But here were my notes of it:

  • Radishes and Julienned carrot on salad
  • Meat is pink 
  • Good looking bread
  • Lots of horseradish provided 
  • Not a lot of jus
  • Ok but not huge size
  • Jus not streaming
  • Sandwich and meat not hot nor toasted much
  • Fresh good, unique bread
  • High quality meat
  • Pre tossed salad
  • Complained after eating the first cold half 
  • Bitter but fresh greens
  • Salad needed salt and pepper, lacked flavor bitter 
  • Dowell skewers 

So at this point I was totally dejected and sad.  They brought me out a lukewarm sandwhich that wasn't toasted very well and the jus wasn't hot.  I felt like I was eating a normal roast beef sandwich and was super sad.  And surprised that they would have served it to me.  It clearly had all quality ingredients but it was served cold.  It was some kind of mistake, some kind of mystery.  Why had they given me THAT sandwiches, of all sandwiches?  Please, people, you NEED to pay attention to your quality and not ship shit out of the kitchen.

So anyways, I complained and the brought me a new one:

Looking good now, yeah?  Nice looking jus, nice toasted bread, good looking meat (which by the way was now medium since I complained about the medium rare meat being too cold.  It looks solid and professionally done.

There's the evidence that I ate it all and that they gave me a heavy, professional-grade steak knife for my sandwich, a nice touch.
Here are my tasting notes from the second half of the sandwich (after they had corrected the initial error):

Second jus and sandwich hot and good, near 5 in simplicity and quality
The bread was much better toasted the second time (thank you!)
Meat was served medium and much hotter the second time
Peppery taste
Salad was a 3 for quality but did have really bitter greens and required salt
The plate was plain and boring.  They could have added more flare to it like garnish
The price was quite high, especially in Yakima but it was also high quality and I can understand why they priced it so high because of the high quality ingredients.  $13 could have been better and may sell more.
Once I had wrapped it up, they never did ask if I liked my original meal and didn't clear my plate when I was finished, which I thought was rude.
They did comp me on 1/2 off the sandwich and I tipped well.
The first sandwich that I returned was was white, soft and basically cold (not hot enough)


Sandwich Half #1:

Bread: 3 - wasn't toasted sufficiently
Meat: 3 - nice quality but wasn't hot enough
Jus: 3 - good but wasn't hot enough
Overall: 2 - too cold

Sandwich Half #2: (Revised version after I complained about the first)

Bread: 5 - Good local bread, toasted well.  Firm
Meat: 4 - Good prime rib but they made it medium to get it hot
Jus: 4 - good and not, no complaints
Overall: 4 - I can't give it a 5 because I fear their inconsistency