Monday, January 9, 2017

4 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Great) Awarded to Tam O'Shanter Clubhouse for their French Dip Sandwich in Bellevue, WA on this 7th day of January, 2017 - Our First French Dip of 2017 is Good, Peppery and Meaty

I found myself on a cold winter Saturday at Tam O'Shanter Golf & Country Club's Clubhouse in Bellevue, WA.  I was with my buddy Garth and we were meeting up with my neighbors to watch the Seahawks play the Detroit Lions in the playoffs.  

Tam O'Shanter's Clubhouse is a very relaxing location.  I get to go there because my neighbor's nephews work there.  It is not too busy, has really great service and I came to find out that their food is also quite good as well.  

While there, I enjoyed half of Garth's French dip, fries, and a lot of Buffalo wings that were really good as well.  I've been telling people lately about how I like my wings: overdone and really crispy, almost to the level of jerky.  These fit that bill.

More info on Tam O'Shanter:

1313 183RD Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98008-3439 
(425) 746-3855

It was a 5:15 PM gametime and it wound up being a really good game with the win going to the Seahawks.  The final score?  26-6 with some really sweet catches such as this one from Paul Richardson.

Here's the details on their French dip: 

A *huge* and extremely wide sandwich brushed with butter and extremely dark, think jus.  To repeat: this baby is EXTREME!  Bamboo skewer in tow.

Arial view demonstrating the girth of this sandwich.  Garth cut it in half, which was probably the right call but I think I would have felt quite manly dipping that bad boy in the thick gravy-like jus.

The dark, thick jus and fries.

I assumed initially that the bread was too thick and would be too absorbent.  But somehow it worked.  It did not actually result in a too-much-bread experience and the thick and viscous jus did also not allow for an overly absorbent experience as seen in J. Michael's French dip, for example.

Clearly a lot of meat.  There are some peppery onions in there as well.  And you can see that the bread compressed quite well.

Raw Tasting Notes:

  • Dry (well done) and LOTS of beef 
  • Extremely wide sandwich with bread that looks like it could be too absorbent 
  • Very Generous portion
  • Very Peppery
  • Onions 
  • No cheese causes dryness but the gravy creates lubrication 
  • Gravy very thick and rich, dark 
  • 4 of 5 because of too dry beef and very  Peppery, must be compensating for something with so much pepper? 
  • Compare to very beefy Bellevue brewing company tall boy sandwich 
  • Results in poutine when Gravy jus drips on fries 
  • Paul recommends the steak fries, not skinny 

Bread 4 of 5 for size and brushed with butter
Meat 4 of 5 for too dry but lots of it and peppery, flavorful, good texture
Non-Meat Toppings peppery grilled onions that were good and additive
Jus 4 of 5 for being so rich and thick and flavorful, gravy-like
Overall 4 of 5 a consistent and interesting, well-executed French dip sandwich

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