Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Luna Dip" French Dip Sandwich at West Seattle, WA's Luna Park Cafe Awarded a 2 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Not very good) on this 11th day of March, 2017 - Wimpy, flat sandwich with a great salad

Raw Tasting Notes

  • Good looking at first 
  • Looks well toasted, even browned, which might taste nice 
  • Not a lot of meat going on here
  • Bread was appealing and I thought it presented very well, especially with the very nice-looking salad
  • The bread is thin but fine ... you don't need too much bread (I was still very hopeful at this point) 
  • I sipped the jus, "good, basic jus and hot" 4 of 5 
  • Sandwich by itself was soft, thin with well toasted and buttery bread. 3.5 by itself.
  • Sandwich when dipped, the flavor was not great. 2 of 5 overall.
  • The flatness and flaccidity of the bread in addition to very little meat makes this sandwich seem very pathetic 
  • The meat scores a 2.  There's not much of it. 
  • Overall, this sandwich with jus and whatnot is a 2; it's not acceptable.
  • The salad in this meal with its carrots, cuke, tomatoes, purple cabbage, nice little sprouts, good dry lettuce, raw sunflower seeds and chunky Bleu cheese is absolutely the highlight of the meal. The salad gets a 5.


Jus 4.  Good and hot
Meat 1.  Not much meat nor was it great
Bread 1.  Very thin and pathetic, not very absorbent of the jus
Overall 2.  Floppy, wimpy bread, not much meat and not very good flavor once dipped.  Pay the extra for the toppings or just avoid it entirely.

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