Saturday, March 18, 2017

"The Dip" French Dip Sandwich at Issaquah, WA's Chicago Pastrami Awarded a 5 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Great) on this 16th day of March, 2017 - A temperature hot delight

Raw Tasting Notes

  1. The restaurant location is clean inside and smells good.  It smelled a little bit like Indian food to me but it was a pleasing food smell. 
  2. The sandwich was expensive at $12 for the sandwich only and I found the sides to be quite pricy as well.   
  3. I was not given a choice of cheese type but I was okay with that.  I later came to find out it was Swiss cheese and it was very good and very complimentary, very well melted and mixed in with the beef.
  4. I got the sandwich only with a can of Diet Dr. Pepper, which was good and cold. 
  5. The reason I was down there was that my wife didn't want to stay and "watch me eat a sandwich", so she went grocery shopping while I participated in my hobby.  Thanks, Jessica!
  6. The location is downtown old town Issaquah and easy to find although I must say I had never previously noticed it and the place had been open for years. 
  7. The sandwich alone is a 4-5 score for its size, good beef and really nice, temperature hot flavor. 
  8. There was tons of beef on this thing; very impressed with the size and amount of beef. 
  9. The darkly caramelized onions were also very good and complimentary. 5 to the non-meat toppings. 
  10. The au jus was scalding hot like I had never experienced.  Molten lava hot but also very good.  5 of 5.
  11. The sandwich was not greasy at all even with the cheese in there. 
  12. The sandwich was indeed quite salty but I don't want to take points away from it for this issue.  The flavor really was nice.
  13. The bread was very absorbent bread and since the jus was soooo hot, it kind of was hard to eat but hot food is not a problem unto itself, that is the problem of the eater.  The hotter, the better for most things, I say. 
  14. The sandwich had a great, unique and delicious flavor. 

Also while there

I asked a couple of guys who sat near me if the Reuben sandwiches they ordered were any good and the guy said, "this jew approves", which must have been a very good sign.


Meat 5 of 5 for its crispiness and amount.
Non-Meat Toppings 5 of 5 for adding something really good to the sandwich.
Bread 4 of 5.  All you needed, nothing overly special but good enough and complimentary.
Jus 5 of 5.  Peppery, temperature hot, delicious.
Overall 5 of 5.  A really great sandwich with a really big portion.  Temperature hot, peppery, good cheese, great jus, salty delight.

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