Saturday, April 22, 2017

Check out our new Tableau Vizzes so you can see and understand our French dip reviews and your French dip sandwich!

Spent the morning playing in Tableau and built some new vizzes so we can better understand and access our reviews.

Check out the vizzes.

Red isn't great
Gray is middle of the road
Green is good (4 or 5)

And icons for each of the areas of measure!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Big Dipper" French Dip Sandwich at Kirkland, WA George's Awarded a 3 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Pretty Good) on this 4th day of April, 2017 - Provolone and onions make it good, bowl of jus

The Story

I was out for a walk from work and knew I hadn't yet completed the French dips at George's a diner and breakfast spot in downtown Kirkland.  I hymned and hawwed over whether or not I would walk back to George's to taste test their sandwich and then decided that I would.  I sat at the bar.  The salad was good.  The French dip was pretty good and I enjoyed my lunch.  I am nearly done with all of the French dips in Kirkland now.  Here's the to do list

Tasting Notes

  • Choices between burger dip and roast beef (French dip) all under a single menu item.
  • Good side salad with nice crunchy herbed croutons, cheddar cheese and pretty good dressing.
  • Sandwich alone is good and bread is soft.
  • Comes with a bowl of jus, which I hadn't seen in a while.  Compare to Gere-a-Deli, which also provides such an option.
  • The roast beef was well done and somewhat chewy.  It wasn't bad but it also wasn't especially fine.  Probably a 3 of 5 overall since at least there was plenty beef.  The beef also "pulled out" of the sandwich which was a bit sad.  Sad!
  • The sandwich overall has a garlicky taste, which is nice.
  • The grilled onions and cheese do indeed add something.
  • The jus was plentiful, dark, good and oily and served in a big bowl.  The issue with the bowl is that it had a flat bottom which made it shallow, so I do not believe this was an ideal serving vassel.
  • The bread scores a 3 of 5 for being plentiful albeit somewhat "white bread" and kind of pillowy soft.  
  • The onions are probably the best part of the sandwich.  I also liked the chewy beef, jus and cheese so overall we were doing well but I think the bread is where this thing primarily misses although it was also buttered and grilled.
  • Overall this sandwich gets a 3 and possibly a 4. 
  • The flavor of the sandwich was even a bit tart/sharp, tangy and definitely salty.  The cheese also added some balance, but being processed, was not exactly what I wanted and made the feeling of overall quality go down.
  • The non-meat toppings get a 3 of 5 because the cheese brings the score down.  The onions were good.  Perhaps next time ask for non-processed cheese.  They had okay cheddar on the salad so I'm sure they have it.


  • Meat 2 of 5 just because it was not overly "fine".  They gave you plenty, though, so that was nice.
  • Bread 2 of 5 because it was too soft.
  • Non-Meat Toppings 3 of 5.  They definitely added something and were good but I have to deduct points for using sub-par (processed) cheese.
  • Jus 4 of 5.  It was good and salty and came in a bowl.  It wasn't herbed or anything too fancy but it was nice and oily, good.
  • Overall 3 of 5.  This is a pretty good French dip sandwich and nice with the toppings but I have to score it a 3 of 5 because it was not overly refined and the meat was just kind of chewy.


This is a pretty good French dip in a pinch.  The jus is good.  The bread is a bit too soft for my liking.  Processed cheese does not helps its cause but the size and onions make it pretty good.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Prime Rib Dip Sandwich at Issaquah, WA Malarky's Sports Grill Awarded a 4 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Nice one!) on this 27th day of March, 2017 - A solid and large prime rib dip

The Setup

I had a nail in my tire and time to spend so I walked to Malarky's in Issaquah during lunchtime.  It's a typical sports bar and it was really quiet in there on a Monday.  But the place is clean and I wound up having a pretty good prime rib dip.  Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

  • Sad side salad with kind of old lettuce but nice that the meal comes with both a salad and fries.  Nice feature.
  • The salad only gets a 2 of 5. 
  • The sandwich was a good size and wide
  • The sandwich was fair, a 4 of 5.  It was buttered, toasted and good standalone
  • The meat was medium well and got a 3 of 5.  It was fine, there was some visible fat on it and that is fine 
  • The jus was good and salty and got a 4 of 5.
  • The jus, on neither cup one or cup two, was hot and therefore it loses points.  It still got a 4 of 5, which was good but it needs to be hot.  In general, the jus was herby, with a bit of an oily sheen and had great flavor
  • The place where I sat at the bar had bad lighting for photography 
  • This dip overall got a 4 of 5, so pretty good.


  • Bread 4 of 5 for its size and quality
  • Meat 3 of 5 no too fancy prime rib but good for this sandwich
  • Jus 4 of 5 really good jus that they needed to get hotter.  Even the second serving was not hot.
  • Overall 4 of 5 this is a good and generous prime rib dip and they have other versions of dipped sandwiches on their menu as well