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Braised Beef French Dip Sandwich from Wet Buns Food Truck in Lynnwood, WA Awarded 3 of 5 DeliciScore™ (Hmmm) - August 8th, 2017 - Partial redemption

Daniel Tosh does something called the "Web Redemption" on his show where he brings back people who previously embarrassed themselves (on the internet) for another shot at it.  This French Dip review feels a lot like that: I had previously eaten the Pork & Pepper sandwich from Wet Buns and was pretty thoroughly disappointed.  It made me sad since I had such high hopes for  Wet Buns, a French dip-only food truck in my area.

I was so confused by my experience with Wet Buns that I didn't publish either of these reviews for almost a full year.  Yeah, I know, I should be ashamed of myself and I have a duty to get the word out to my audience.  But I am a business person as well and don't want to throw anyone under the bus.

What follows is the review of the classic French Dip sandwich (with jus on the side), which came from Wet Buns.  I got to know Forrest and was impressed with his chef story but I just wasn't a fan of his first sandwich which he recommended.  I decided to return to his food truck for a second time and just get the basic to see how it stacked up.  Here goes!

It comes in a cute little paper bag and is a pretty large size (the bread is at least).  He doesn't have a fryer so chips are about the only side you can get.

We can now see the side of jus that come with a handy cover.  Makes sense.

Here is the sandwich.  I will be honest, there is very little meat and it looks lackluster.  The bread looks good.

Here we can see it closer up.  Very limited beef; we're pretty much just eating bread at this point and it doesn't even look very well buttered or toasted. :(  And he knew I was coming, who I was and everything and this is what I got?!  I don't want him to treat me differently but I think more beef would be apropos for a $10 sandwich.
And we see the jus.  This was my favorite part and I gave it a 5 of 5 because I know what goes into it.  I know he works hard on his jus.  My tasting note said, "tastes like vegetables", which is a very good thing in my opinion: fresh.

I random picture of a "sweet" Ford Bronco II that I saw in Anacortes around this time.  Too beautiful (hint, hint) of a car to not post on the blog!

Raw Tasting Notes

  • The jus is rich and delicious.  It tastes like vegetables.  
  • There was limited meat on the sandwich.
  • Was the bread not buttered?  This seems like a gap to me.
  • The bread was "fine" and classic.  Large size.
  • The beef was braised, which is not a feature I had previously experienced.
  • I drove all of the way to Lynnwood to re-do my testing experience with Wet Buns. Still not a strong recommendation for someone who is dedicated exclusively to French dips.


Au Jus 5 - He puts effort into it and it's good.  Make sure to get it on the side.  I think the bread is too soggy, even slimy when it's pre-dipped (the default).
Bread 3 - Normal bread.  Large size, not buttered.
Meat 3 - I know he puts pride into his meats but there wasn't enough.
Non-Meat Toppings 2 - Bread not buttered and I don't believe that "toppings" were offered, per se. :(

Closing Statements

Thank you, Forrest, for providing a French dip only option in King County.  Best of luck and please let me know if I can help you with product development, sales or marketing at all. :)

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