Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Royal Grinders Oven Roasted Subs in Fremont, Seattle, WA

The joint, close to work.

Went with a couple of side items.  Total was around $12.

Bread looks really good and size looks big as well.

Good amount of meat and provolone also looks good and melted.


I take a bite and confirm tastiness.  The herb smell and flavor are great. It even tastes "fresh".

Money shot.

They bread and herbiness of this sandwich were the highlight.  Meat and cheese also good and jus was commendable.

We can see the herb floatiness in the jus.

Raw Tasting Notes

Was told 8 minutes
On recommendation of Hugh 
Close to work
There for training 
Bread smells good and looks unique 
Good size
Good, herby fresh flavor 
Jus for 4 hot
Overall 4 or 5 nothing wrong with it
Meat 4,herby, good qty
Cheese 4 good
Plenty of jus
5 overall


Great sandwich near work in Fremont.  They take care, it has great size, delicious flavor and the herbiness makes it stand out.  A five of five overall.

  • Bread 5 for herbiness
  • Meat 4 for quantity 
  • Non-Meat Toppings 4 provolone was good and melty, mild
  • Jus 4 was good and hot
  • Overall 5 of 5 

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