Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dub Pub French Dip in Kirkland, WA Review

It was fight night.

People were crowding in.

I was drinking a beer in anticipation.

But the wait for the main eventwas so long.

And I was so hungry and they had a French dip.

And so I ordered one.

And observed it.

And it looked pretty good, tots, skewers and all.

The money shot looks pretty good and beefy.

Setting the stage

It was the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight and I decided I'd go to a bar to watch it.  While I waited (showed up very early) to get a seat, I got hungry and ordered the French dip.

Detailed tasting notes

  • The jus was not hot; almost room temperature but there was plenty of it
  • The size of the sandwich was OK, definitely not huge or too big
  • This thing is a 4 overall, pretty good
  • The skewers had green and red frills on them, which elated me
  • The tots were good, yet overly salty
  • The sandwich alone was basically "meh", a 3
  • The meat gets a 3.  It was done with a peppery taste
  • The cheese gets a 3, it was ok
  • The bread was toasted, which we like 
  • The flavor overall was a 3-4


I like the Dub Pub and will go back.  Their French dip is pretty good but I would recommend getting "The Lee", which adds cream cheese and jalepenos to the standard French dip, taking a somewhat lackluster sandwich to a new level of joy.

Bread 3
Meat 3
Cheese 3
Overall 3 for good quality

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