Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sarducci's Specialty Subs in Seattle, WA

Flavor 5
Jus 5
Tasty cheese
Not huge
Nice oil in jus
Hot jus
It's a 5 all around - size of "giant" it's only issue.  Tons / plenty of food indeed but this sandwich is not, per se, loaded with meat like we would find at Chicago Pastrami.  Nor does it need to be.  It was perfect and sufficient if not ideal.
Really nice horseradish flavor
Not greasy
Nicely toasted
Fun to have four decent-sized sandwich pieces
Bread 5 perfect slightly chewy
Perfect, nice, hot sandwich
Mayo on there totally find, didn't detract
Mild, yet perfect horseradish flavor
Barely enough jus but was fun to enjoy the last parts sparingly

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