Thursday, December 7, 2017

Emory's Whiskey BBQ Burger Dip in Everett, WA

I was out with my wife and her family and we went to one of my favorite places in Everett, which has a really great French dip.  And I saw that they have a burger dip as well.  So I proceeded.

Their menu cover.

Our view.

Jeremy, Edison, Nicole and Jessica.

Our partially outdoor dining arrangements.

Edison busy at play.

Sorry it is tilted.  Lo, we can see broccolini, a rich bbq sauce jus, a large sandwich with lots of beef and cheese well-toasted. 
We see rich, thick BBQ sauce, good-looking beef and visible herbs on the sandwich.  We are generally impressed and happy.

I think it was gouda.  Creamy.  Rich.  It's making my mouth water thinking about it.

Perfectly prepared broccolini.

The money shot.  Looks really herby and beefy and rich.  It was.

Nicole, Jeremy, Edison, Jessica and their dogs: Barney and Norman.

Detailed Tasting Notes

Very thick size.
BBQ sauce indeed.  Rich.
Looks good.
Big size.
Well Toasted bread.  Good.
Great sandwich/burger alone, chewy 5 of 5.
Thick, nice burger. 5 of 5 on meat.
Great bread.  Yum!!
Smoked gouda gets a 5 of 5.  One of my if not my favorite cheeses.
Gouda could have been better melted so could lose a point there.
Warm, spicy, vinegary jus, thick 3 of 5 only.  I prefer au jus.
Bread needs jus when it ran out of toppings.  Some strikes.
Toasted flavor 5 of 5.
Perfect all dente salty, fresh veggies.  Yum.
BBQ sauce shouldn't be labeled Au Jus.  Shame on them.  Strikes.
Good onions present.
Is there bacon on it?  It's good.
Meat 5, big, flavorful, chewy, dense.
Gouda and toastedness is the signature.
Oil sheen on jus, great flavor, salt, rich, hot.

Overall a delight.  5 of 5.  Go Emory's!

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