Sunday, December 31, 2017

French Dip Review at Roosevelt Ale House, Seattle, WA

Setting the Stage

I was hanging with my buddy Garth and we went to his neighborhood bar to have lunch.  The Sounders were playing on TV (lost).

Tasting Notes

Jus 4, rich and flavorful
Sandwich small, low of meat and onion
Steak knife provided
I assume to cut your sandwich in half, which I did
With Garth
Saw his neighbor Donavan who I know as a pm
Sounders playoff
Good, yet weird beef 3
Sandwich has goat cheese taste 0
Jus 2 tastes bad
Is it a zero?
Tastes like goat cheese
Onions taste like shit
Sandwich alone 1
Terrible flavor 0
Small size 5"
Better without jus 0
Fail 0 terrible
Salad lettuce only 2, dressing good 4, overall 3


Jus 4 of 5
Meat 3 of 5
Non-Meat Toppings 0 of 5 Bad onions and bad taste
Bread 2 of 5
Overall 0 of 5  I hated this sandwich, wasn't impressed.

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