Thursday, December 7, 2017

Normandy Park Ale House Beef Dip

I was going to meet up with my neighbor and pal Dave Niederkrome who owns and operates the Normandy Park Ale House.  I hadn't spent much time in Nomandy Park (near SEATAC Airport) before.  Coincidentally I had another business meeting in the area beforehand so this worked out quite well.  Dave had been on my podcast previously and is an expert in business finance.

Here it is.  It's a lovely building in a strip mall and very nice inside as well.  It had a good, neighborhoody vibe and nice waitstaff and patrons.

It's called the Beef Dip there.  Dave and I were chatting and I figured I'd move forward with the review.

It came with fries and the jus was unique.  It could have been augmented via larger bread and skewers in the bread to let me know it was fancy and tasty.

The size was not huge.

But the meat and flavor were good.

Tasting Notes

Thanks to Dave for his graciousness and kind spirit.
The sandwich was average sized.
The jus was sweet and had a distinct, nice flavor. 
Nice Macrina (local bakery) bread but not large.
The taste overall was great.
It had a nice cayenne taste.
This sandwich gets a 4 of 5 overall. 

Thanks, Dave, for the opportunity to visit your very nice establishment and best of luck on all of your pursuits.

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