Saturday, February 24, 2018

French Dip Review: Rosewood Cafe in Tacoma, WA

I was driving around burning time on a Sunday and got hungry.  I looked for eateries in Tacoma and found this place, Rosewood Cafe, that was highly rated on Foursquare so I went.  It was a cute, nice, clean neighborhood joint with a good vibe and good food.  The French dip, unfortunately was good mayonnaise-y.  I should no by now to always get the mayo on the side.  Some people can do it right (very rare) and others ruin a good sandwich and turn it into a creampile.

Jus 4 light color, good flavor, hot
Meat 3 fine roast beef
Non meat toppings 4 red onion sautéed, cheese, mayo
Sandwich 4
Bread 4 good, Toasted, but Smallish
Overall 4 for size and too much Mayo

In general, the smallish size hurts it.  It is good but mayo-forward (is that a thing?), onions were  fine, the havarti cheese was not noticeable.  The jus was light colored jus (chicken broth?) but good overall.  Quality food but too much Mayo and not much focus on beef or beef taste.

Turkey Dip at Pumphouse in Bellevue, WA

I was meeting up for beers with my buddy Dave Niederkrome.  We were talking business.  He knows I'm a French Dip fan, so I indulged in a Turkey Dip from Pumphouse.  I have now had their French Dip, Burger Dip and Turkey Dip, completing the trifecta.  The Turkey Dip is good.  

The sandwich alone was a 4: pretty juicy and pretty good.  It tasted pretty fresh, had a good amount of meat.  The jus was only a 3 that night but it was hot, good and overall it was a 4 above-average. Their salad is great.  It gets a five because of consistency and good blue cheese with nice chunky dressing.

Jus 3 of 5
Meat 4 of 5 plentiful
Non Meat Toppings N/A
Bread 4 good bread, toasted
Overall 4 of 5