Sunday, June 3, 2018

Jefferson Park Golf Course Prime Rib French Dip Review, Seattle, WA

Went out to the driving range at Jefferson Park in Seattle with my wife and our friends the Auty's and grabbed a bite to eat afterwards.  Prime Rib Dip was their special that night and Auty's chose to get it.  I wasn't in the mood.

Looks greasy and terrible.  Ugly white greasy bread.

Looks terrible.

I insisted that they get the horseradish aioli on the side, which they did.  It tasted fine but only added to the already-greasy nature of this thing.

Look closely: there is literally a 1/4" of standing oil on the top of this jus.  Disgusting.  When the sandwich was dipped into it, the dark part of the jus literally would not absorb.  I couldn't believe it.  I had the waiter send it back and the cook came out explaining that these were real beef drippings and nothing could be done.  I was ashamed and appalled and nodded in acceptance.  Ever heard of a fat separator?  Time to get a recipe for the jus itself, people.  So sad!!!!!!!!

This is the 'money shot' of the dipped sandwich.  The jus is so thin and horrible you can't even see it on the bread.  OMG!

I can't imagine a more disappointing and oily pile.

And shoe leather gyro meat to boot, labeled and prime rib.  So terrible!

Tasting Notes

Oil on the jus quarter inch thick on top.  :(
Sandwich 1-2 alone. :(
Low grade meat  :(
Onions OK 3 
Bread 2
Horseradish aioli on side OK 3
Overall fail 2

Bread 2
Meat 1
Non-Meat Toppings 3 
Jus 0 
Overall 2

This sandwich was terrible.  Sorry to Chris and Isabelle for my critique during their meal.  It made me sad.  I even grabbed their sandwich at one point and dipped it in the failed oil-jus at some point myself to see if I could get the bread to soak up the dark part of the jus and nope.  Chris, Isabelle and Jessica thought I was weird for handling the Auty's food but I've got a really important job I'm doing here for me readers!  Sorry, Auty's!!!  Get a fat separator and a real recipe for jus, Jefferson Park Golf!!!

Scott's Bar & Grill French Dip Review, Edmonds, WA

Was at Scott's Bar & Grill for lunch with my team at work.  They had a lunch special that included the French dip so I got it, as did two other managers in my group: Aaron and Ryan.  They knew I was into my French dip hobby.  I was excited to get it with French onion soup.  Scott's is known for their French Onion Soup.

Good size with lots of beef for their French dip.  I started with the French onion soup, which was really good.

French onion soup goodness.

Tasting Notes

Sandwich alone gets a 4 of 5
Overall 3 since the jus wasn't great
Onions didn't add a ton: 3
Cheese was only a 3 but it was smoked gouda which is one of my favorites but didn't notice it much
Bread was only a 3.  Kind of lackluster.
Fancy but not great

Bread 3
Meat 3
Jus 3
Non-Meat Toppings 4 because smoked gouda
Overall 3 just not that great all up

Not the best French Dip around but the French onion soup was really good.  Try something else.

Peso's Kitchen French Dip Review (Cheese Steak with Pasilla Jus), Seattle, WA

I'd had this unique French dip on my list for some time.  I've been to Peso's many times and have had some really great food and experiences there.  Lower Queen Anne is a fun neighborhood and Peso's helps with that.

Cool windows and ambiance, generally.

Nice bar with a few people who seemed like regulars.  The bartender was cool, too.

It's called Peso's Cheese Steak with Pasilla Jus and it is incredibly good.  Caramelized local sweet onion, mama lil's peppers and queso fresco.

Dan Patrick was on TV.

Cool bar, like I said.

I enjoyed a Dry Hard Cider while waiting.  Was good.  Not sure why I was in that particular mood but sometimes it strikes me.

Here it is.  Lovely.  Served with fries and on a bed of salad.  They don't even cut the sandwich they have so much confidence in its quality.

Great, charred bread.

Real good fries with some dope dipping stuff.

The onions look very appealing.

Onions plus the queso fresco are a delight.  And you can see the spicy peppers as well.

Fries went in here well.

Caramelized, lovely onions.  I was really impressed and drooling just looking at and smelling this thing.  Good size, too.  Very big.

Super nice, fresh salad. 

Real beefy, flavorful and big.


Looks great dipped.

Tasting Notes

5 all around
Pretty perfect
Nice size
Queso helped
Really delicious
Was asked for doneness, which I love - I went with Med rare and got it
Jus amazing chunky and 5 but was in small container
Sandwich for great flavor some spicy great bread five chewy beef
Easy five
Salty jus
Very rich and savoy, spicy jus

Bread 5
Meat 5
Non-Meat Toppings 5
Jus 5
Overall 5

Loved this sandwich and now love Peso's even more.  Unique and delightful French dip platform sandwich.

Canucks Bar & Grill French Dip Review at the Vancouver YVR Airport

So I'm on my way from Vancouver to Bentonville, AR on business.  I was ending a little vacation and going back to work.  Walmart was one of my clients at the time and I was visiting for our Quarterly Business Review with them.

I enjoyed a Stella or two as a waited for my flight.  I sat by a couple of characters.  The guys were both roughly my age.  One was a pilot who had a lot of critical things to say about flying and his career; somehow he'd gotten in trouble or accused of bad behavior.  The other guy was on his way to his brother's bachelor's party in Vegas and Coachella and he was planning to have a very good time.  I hope he came home alive!

I had to get it.

Here it is, with tomato soup.  Two wooding toothpicks.

Doesn't look great, kind of messy and cheesy and had the mayo on it (I had forgotten.  Sad!)

Lots of beef.

A tiny little thing of jus.  WTH.


Maybe it doesn't have much beef.

Jus not overly dark when dipped. :(

Tasting Notes

This thing gets a 2 overall
Good size, though
Tiny jus
Forgot to ask for Mayo separate.  :(  Sad!
Flavor alone 2.  Not great at all.
Sloppy and wet.  Sad!
Jus had 3 in flavor and wasn't gravy-like as I'd experienced at GLC in Whistler
Meat fell out.  Sloppy / messy!
Unnecessarily Sloppy and untidy sandwich.  Too much lube!
Bread was a 3
Meat was bad: 1 dry, overcooked roast beef
Not hot.  Sad!
Tomato soup 3

Avoid this French dip at the airport.  Not good.

El Furniture Warehouse French Dip Review, Whistler, BC

This place is rad in Whistler.  Great prices and food.  Lots of fun.  Must go!

And they have a French dip so of course I had to try it.  "Horseradish butter" is rare.  Crispy onion strings.  Everything on the menu is $5.95 so you kind of can't miss and it's in CAD instead of USD and the exchange rate is good right now for USD so let's party!  

We got a seat but others had to wait.  I think we were a few drinks in by the time we had this meal.

Here it is, very small.  Not much jus in the cup.  I got a side salad with Bleu cheese, as is my custom.

White bread.

Jeremy got fish tacos that he liked a lot.

Small size and strange meat-bits are visible.

Onion strings add flavor and crunch.

Demonstrating just how small this thing is.  Kind of traditional soft, white bread.

Money shot and dark, rich jus.

We got wings, too.

Tasting Notes

Good, salty Au jus
Too $hort, one of my favorite rappers from high school and college, was playing overhead.  Not something I'm accustomed to hearing every day out in public!
All good including high end FD is $5.95 cad
Yes, "high end"
By the time we got here we were quite inebriated and cold from sitting outside at The Longhorn, another Whistler must-do
Salad with Bleu
I was upsold on Swiss
Size is very small
Onions are good
The beef had a pulled pork texture but was good
Very Dark, midnight jus.  mmmmmm
White, soft bread
It is Toasted
Great! flavor
Smallness the big issue but get two
Dense bread
Good little Bleu cheese salad with nice greens

All in all a great French dip sandwich, gourmet, for just $5.95 CAD.  Get two next time and enjoy!

Bread 4
Meat 4
Jus 5
Non-Meat Toppings 5
Overall 5 for the price

Go here and enjoy yourself!