Sunday, June 3, 2018

Canucks Bar & Grill French Dip Review at the Vancouver YVR Airport

So I'm on my way from Vancouver to Bentonville, AR on business.  I was ending a little vacation and going back to work.  Walmart was one of my clients at the time and I was visiting for our Quarterly Business Review with them.

I enjoyed a Stella or two as a waited for my flight.  I sat by a couple of characters.  The guys were both roughly my age.  One was a pilot who had a lot of critical things to say about flying and his career; somehow he'd gotten in trouble or accused of bad behavior.  The other guy was on his way to his brother's bachelor's party in Vegas and Coachella and he was planning to have a very good time.  I hope he came home alive!

I had to get it.

Here it is, with tomato soup.  Two wooding toothpicks.

Doesn't look great, kind of messy and cheesy and had the mayo on it (I had forgotten.  Sad!)

Lots of beef.

A tiny little thing of jus.  WTH.


Maybe it doesn't have much beef.

Jus not overly dark when dipped. :(

Tasting Notes

This thing gets a 2 overall
Good size, though
Tiny jus
Forgot to ask for Mayo separate.  :(  Sad!
Flavor alone 2.  Not great at all.
Sloppy and wet.  Sad!
Jus had 3 in flavor and wasn't gravy-like as I'd experienced at GLC in Whistler
Meat fell out.  Sloppy / messy!
Unnecessarily Sloppy and untidy sandwich.  Too much lube!
Bread was a 3
Meat was bad: 1 dry, overcooked roast beef
Not hot.  Sad!
Tomato soup 3

Avoid this French dip at the airport.  Not good.

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