Sunday, June 3, 2018

El Furniture Warehouse French Dip Review, Whistler, BC

This place is rad in Whistler.  Great prices and food.  Lots of fun.  Must go!

And they have a French dip so of course I had to try it.  "Horseradish butter" is rare.  Crispy onion strings.  Everything on the menu is $5.95 so you kind of can't miss and it's in CAD instead of USD and the exchange rate is good right now for USD so let's party!  

We got a seat but others had to wait.  I think we were a few drinks in by the time we had this meal.

Here it is, very small.  Not much jus in the cup.  I got a side salad with Bleu cheese, as is my custom.

White bread.

Jeremy got fish tacos that he liked a lot.

Small size and strange meat-bits are visible.

Onion strings add flavor and crunch.

Demonstrating just how small this thing is.  Kind of traditional soft, white bread.

Money shot and dark, rich jus.

We got wings, too.

Tasting Notes

Good, salty Au jus
Too $hort, one of my favorite rappers from high school and college, was playing overhead.  Not something I'm accustomed to hearing every day out in public!
All good including high end FD is $5.95 cad
Yes, "high end"
By the time we got here we were quite inebriated and cold from sitting outside at The Longhorn, another Whistler must-do
Salad with Bleu
I was upsold on Swiss
Size is very small
Onions are good
The beef had a pulled pork texture but was good
Very Dark, midnight jus.  mmmmmm
White, soft bread
It is Toasted
Great! flavor
Smallness the big issue but get two
Dense bread
Good little Bleu cheese salad with nice greens

All in all a great French dip sandwich, gourmet, for just $5.95 CAD.  Get two next time and enjoy!

Bread 4
Meat 4
Jus 5
Non-Meat Toppings 5
Overall 5 for the price

Go here and enjoy yourself!

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