Sunday, June 3, 2018

GLC Garibaldi Lift Company Whistler French Dip Review

So I find myself in Whistler with my buddy Jeremy.  It's Springtime and the conditions aren't great but not working and playing in the mountains is basically what you want.  We had a great morning of new snow and pow on Sunday when we got up there and the conditions were worse from then on.  Regardless, it's so fun to be there and in the hills riding and relaxing.

So it turns out that I like French dips and they had one at GLC in Whistler.  Included cheddar and horseradish mayo and an option for bacon and mushrooms.

It was fun sitting there, it was a vibrant spot and I love being in Canada.

My board and foot FYI.  I've been snowboarding since 1990 and love it absolutely.  So fun!  I recently rode a OneWheel and it basically changed my life.  You mean I can snowboard EVERYWHERE?  OMG!  But I'm old now: 41 and have a lot of broken bones. Sad!

We weren't sure what the weather would be but we went for it.  Jeremy's family has a time-share there so we got some guy-time in away from the wives.

Warm and cold conditions.

Here it is.  I made sure to get the majo on the side.  It looks good.  The bread looks good, so does the jus.  Nice bamboo skewers as well.  And the salad with julienne carrots looked good, too!  O Canada! 

Beef looks okay.

Liking the skewer.

Jus dark if not thick.

Beefy and cheesy, yum!

Looks good dipped.

More Whistler highlights.

The associated Instagram post.  These are kind of fun to do.  Follow French Dip Reviews on Instagram!

Jeremy and me faking shared Olympic gold.

Double rainbow!

Pots of gold on both ends, for sure.

Tasting Notes

Smallish in size, generally
Thick jus, almost gravy-like (it's Canada, what do you expect?)
Happy I got horseradish mayo on the side
Wood/bamboo skewers.  Good job.
Great flavor
Good, chewy beef
Sandwich alone good
Thick jus gets a 3.5 (above average)
Small jus amount, sad!!
Quality bread 4 because of its small size but otherwise real good
Jus could have been hotter.  Sad!
Nearly a five in quality!
Jus flavor only 3.  Sad!

Bread 4
Meat 4
Jus 3.5
Non-Meat Toppings 4.5
Overall 4

This is a great French dip dipped into a somewhat thick jus in Canada.  

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