Sunday, June 3, 2018

Jefferson Park Golf Course Prime Rib French Dip Review, Seattle, WA

Went out to the driving range at Jefferson Park in Seattle with my wife and our friends the Auty's and grabbed a bite to eat afterwards.  Prime Rib Dip was their special that night and Auty's chose to get it.  I wasn't in the mood.

Looks greasy and terrible.  Ugly white greasy bread.

Looks terrible.

I insisted that they get the horseradish aioli on the side, which they did.  It tasted fine but only added to the already-greasy nature of this thing.

Look closely: there is literally a 1/4" of standing oil on the top of this jus.  Disgusting.  When the sandwich was dipped into it, the dark part of the jus literally would not absorb.  I couldn't believe it.  I had the waiter send it back and the cook came out explaining that these were real beef drippings and nothing could be done.  I was ashamed and appalled and nodded in acceptance.  Ever heard of a fat separator?  Time to get a recipe for the jus itself, people.  So sad!!!!!!!!

This is the 'money shot' of the dipped sandwich.  The jus is so thin and horrible you can't even see it on the bread.  OMG!

I can't imagine a more disappointing and oily pile.

And shoe leather gyro meat to boot, labeled and prime rib.  So terrible!

Tasting Notes

Oil on the jus quarter inch thick on top.  :(
Sandwich 1-2 alone. :(
Low grade meat  :(
Onions OK 3 
Bread 2
Horseradish aioli on side OK 3
Overall fail 2

Bread 2
Meat 1
Non-Meat Toppings 3 
Jus 0 
Overall 2

This sandwich was terrible.  Sorry to Chris and Isabelle for my critique during their meal.  It made me sad.  I even grabbed their sandwich at one point and dipped it in the failed oil-jus at some point myself to see if I could get the bread to soak up the dark part of the jus and nope.  Chris, Isabelle and Jessica thought I was weird for handling the Auty's food but I've got a really important job I'm doing here for me readers!  Sorry, Auty's!!!  Get a fat separator and a real recipe for jus, Jefferson Park Golf!!!

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