Sunday, June 3, 2018

Peso's Kitchen French Dip Review (Cheese Steak with Pasilla Jus), Seattle, WA

I'd had this unique French dip on my list for some time.  I've been to Peso's many times and have had some really great food and experiences there.  Lower Queen Anne is a fun neighborhood and Peso's helps with that.

Cool windows and ambiance, generally.

Nice bar with a few people who seemed like regulars.  The bartender was cool, too.

It's called Peso's Cheese Steak with Pasilla Jus and it is incredibly good.  Caramelized local sweet onion, mama lil's peppers and queso fresco.

Dan Patrick was on TV.

Cool bar, like I said.

I enjoyed a Dry Hard Cider while waiting.  Was good.  Not sure why I was in that particular mood but sometimes it strikes me.

Here it is.  Lovely.  Served with fries and on a bed of salad.  They don't even cut the sandwich they have so much confidence in its quality.

Great, charred bread.

Real good fries with some dope dipping stuff.

The onions look very appealing.

Onions plus the queso fresco are a delight.  And you can see the spicy peppers as well.

Fries went in here well.

Caramelized, lovely onions.  I was really impressed and drooling just looking at and smelling this thing.  Good size, too.  Very big.

Super nice, fresh salad. 

Real beefy, flavorful and big.


Looks great dipped.

Tasting Notes

5 all around
Pretty perfect
Nice size
Queso helped
Really delicious
Was asked for doneness, which I love - I went with Med rare and got it
Jus amazing chunky and 5 but was in small container
Sandwich for great flavor some spicy great bread five chewy beef
Easy five
Salty jus
Very rich and savoy, spicy jus

Bread 5
Meat 5
Non-Meat Toppings 5
Jus 5
Overall 5

Loved this sandwich and now love Peso's even more.  Unique and delightful French dip platform sandwich.

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