Sunday, June 3, 2018

Scott's Bar & Grill French Dip Review, Edmonds, WA

Was at Scott's Bar & Grill for lunch with my team at work.  They had a lunch special that included the French dip so I got it, as did two other managers in my group: Aaron and Ryan.  They knew I was into my French dip hobby.  I was excited to get it with French onion soup.  Scott's is known for their French Onion Soup.

Good size with lots of beef for their French dip.  I started with the French onion soup, which was really good.

French onion soup goodness.

Tasting Notes

Sandwich alone gets a 4 of 5
Overall 3 since the jus wasn't great
Onions didn't add a ton: 3
Cheese was only a 3 but it was smoked gouda which is one of my favorites but didn't notice it much
Bread was only a 3.  Kind of lackluster.
Fancy but not great

Bread 3
Meat 3
Jus 3
Non-Meat Toppings 4 because smoked gouda
Overall 3 just not that great all up

Not the best French Dip around but the French onion soup was really good.  Try something else.

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