Monday, July 2, 2018

Bellevue Brewing - Bellevue, WA - Is There Such a Thing as Too Salty Jus?

Tasting Notes

  • Sandwich gets a 5 for the really tasty caramelized onions
  • Very good and very salty jus maybe/probably a 5
  • Smallish sandwich overall but good looking beef
  • Onion flavor and topping was fantastic, reminiscent of onion jam at Nine O Bar & Grill in Bellevue
  • Messy and perhaps even floppy in general
  • Onions tasted sweet
  • Peppery taste
  • Not a lot of jus provided but it was enough
  • Cheese was fun and even stretchy at point like you were eating a pizza
  • Best French dip I've had in some time
  • Bread crunchy/crispy on some of the corners, which was a big plus
  • Very nice little salad they provided that had Bleu cheese sprinkles on the top of the main bleu cheese dressing.  Corn in there, too, that made it seem fancy
  • Got horseradish cream on the side, thank God.  I never even sampled it and it wasn't needed.


Bread 4
Meat 4
Jus 5
Cheese 5
Overall 5  Great sandwich.  Their previous French dip recipe was good and this one is really good.  Onions FTW.

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