Monday, July 2, 2018

Nordstrom Grill - Seattle, WA - Two Cheeses Confuse and Delight

Tasting Notes

  • Started with a nice Argentinian Malbec that was recommended by the bartender
  • Comfy in there
  • Calming music was playing overhead 
  • Felt a bit fancy like you might expect inside of a Nordstrom
  • Feels like a steakhouse but was quiet.  Filled in later (I got there at 11:30 apparently before the lunch rush)
  • Very good jus that I gave a 5 at first blush but downgraded to 4 over time.  Could have been hotter.  I think you want the jus to be molten lava hot, Jim Gaffigan
  • Hard but good bread
  • Sandwich was a 4
  • Not huge in size
  • Overall 4
  • Definitely tasted above average and left a parmesan taste in your mouth upon completion
  • Sweet pickle was provided which was quite fancy and a unique, nice touch
  • Parmesan nice and pretty rare as a topping on FDs
  • Bartender said that the French Dip is "their most popular item" and that people freak out and get really sad when they are sold out of it.
  • The salad was a little mushy
  • The biggest strike against this sandwich is that it does not give an option to choose the done-ness of the prime rib.  It would also be cool if you can choose cut thickness.  
  • I also got a Hendricks gin martini with olives and the olives were great


Bread 5 
Jus 4
Non-Meat Toppings 4
Meat 4
Overall 4  Very good French dip with Prime rib but still not a 5 like you'd get from a steakhouse

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