Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wilde Rover Kirkland Roast Beef Dip Expert Review 2/21/18

Context/Setting the Stage

I was out to lunch with some coworkers (including some I'd never met before) and we found ourselves at the Wilde Rover, a nice Irish place in downtown Kirkland.  It's a big facility and quite fun with delicious food.  They used to have a Turkey dip, I believe, that I reviewed, and they'd updated their menu to include what turned out to be a really good (great!!) French dip.  Woo hoo.  I got to surprise and amaze my coworkers with my "art" that is my French dip reviewing and also enjoy a delicious sandwich and meal of food.  Enjoy!

Raw Tasting Notes

Some chewy beef but I love it
Happy I had the aioli on the side, good herbs
Overall really chewy but great 5 all around
Looks great
Sandwich great 5
Onions great
Chewy dark heavily Toasted bread
Dark, rich very flavorful, herby jus a bit luke
Great bread, grill marks
Cheese great
Not one bad thing to say
Salad very good, nice lettuce, fancy julienned, nice vinaigrette, good cherry tomatoes, croutons, candied walnuts


Jus 5 rich, herby, delicious (could have been hotter but that's easy to solve)
Bread 5 nicely toasted (dark), chewy, great, buttered, with cheese yum
Meat 4 of 5 chewy, well done but great / loved it
Non-Meat Toppings 5 of 5 cheese was really good and the caramelized onions really stood out and were delicious
Overall 5 of 5 nice plating and presentation, great bread, rich jus, nice toppings yummers

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