Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mushroom Dip at Red Door, Fremont, Seattle, WA

You don't see vegetarian dips every day.  I love mushrooms.  I'd already eaten and reviewed their standard beef dip.  $14.95 a bit pricey.

I went with tots and the aioli on the side.

It was bursting with mushrooms and had onions in there, too.  It looked pretty good.

Looks pretty good.

It did have filling fallout but what could one expect?

The money shot.

The bread was indeed prone to falling apart which was also a bummer.

The raw review notes.  

Setting the Scene

Was out to lunch with new coworkers in Fremont.  Mallory was leaving Tableau and we were saying goodbye.  I had been to Red Door many times in my earlier years and it was nice to be back.  They have a really nice patio and it's quintessential Seattle. 

Review Scores

Bread 3 fell apart and pretty much just your standard roll
"Meat" (Mushrooms) 4 were pretty good.  Portabello.
Non-Meat Toppings 4 onions were additive
Jus 3 was pretty weak.  Nice that it was mushroom-based but just not all that tasty.
Overall 3.5  just wasn't that tasty but I did like that they have an FD dedicated to mushrooms only

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