Friday, June 28, 2019

Cafe Flora (Vegetarian) French Dip, Seattle, WA

Setting the Stage

I was on my way home from Seattle and chose to finally go to Cafe Flora to eat their Portabello French Dip.  I had been here many times and really liked it but somehow had not had the French dip.  I would not be disappointed.

Raw Tasting Notes

Jus great, special, very salty
Sandwich looks good, nice bread
Salad wilted, looks flat
Fresh cuke and radishes on 🥗 a nice touch.
Salad flavor and freshness great
++ For 🌻 seeds and julienned carrots
Jus smells awesome
Sandwich alone a five. Awesome flavor, crunchy but soft 🍞, seeds on bread fantastic. Anise?
Onion great
Didn't want to dip it was so good but felt blessed to know I could when it was in need.
Bread like a six with the seeds


Bread 6
Protein 5
Toppings 5
Jus 6
Overall perfect 5 soooooooo good


Man this thing was a delight.  The bread, jus, mushrooms, onions, side salad, everything. Soooo good!

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