Sunday, June 23, 2019

Cafeteria 15L, Sacramento, CA

Cafeteria 15L

Setting the Stage: Background
  • I was on a work trip. My first trip to Sacramento that I can remember. To visit Tableau's client, Sutter Health. I was meeting up with some friends the night before our meeting and we met at Cafeteria 15L. I'd never been there. We met in the courtyard outside and it was really nice. It looked like mostly bar and comfort food (tater tots, for example). After a couple of adult beverages, I was encouraged by my colleagues to get their Prime Rib Dip. I wasn't really in the mood but I went forward with it. These particular colleagues also knew about my side salad review habit so I went through with that as well. We (I) probably annoyed the cute and helpful waitress.
  • Very nice outdoors
  • Very good service
  • A rat outside
  • Comfy outdoor furniture

Prime rib dip
  • Raw tasting notes
    • Sandwich alone dry
    • Jus luke
    • Not enough jus
    • Bread floppy like wonder Bread
    • Some heb flavor in jus
    • Small, pathetic yet cute ramikin
    • Bread is mealy
    • Bread too absorbent
    • Lots of meat but it was dry
    • Meat flavor fine
  • Summary
    • Bread 1 of 5 too absorbent
    • Meat 2 of 5 too dry but it was plentiful. No option for doneness
    • Non-Meat Toppings there were none. This is okay and does not cost the review. I suppose in retrospect that there could have been cheese or caramelized onions on this thing to hold it all together. It became messy and hard to manage/control
    • Jus 2 of 5 it seemed like it had good flavor but it was luke (warm, not Skywalker) and came in a tiny little ramekin. I ordered a second helping which shouldn't knock it on points but it seemed annoying to provide so little.
    • Overall 2 of 5 lots of meet and the flavor was pretty good but the meet was dry, insufficient jus, somewhat mealy and easily-damaged bread

Side salad
  • Greens only for salad
  • Bleu cheese crumbles on side
  • Nice spring mix
  • Two dressings offered
  • Viniagrette their house, nice herbs
  • Bleu cheese crumbles were in globs because of the heat
  • 3 of 5 good quality, dressing too salty, fresh

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