Monday, September 2, 2019

The Loft, Poulsbo, WA French Dip Review

Quite a bit of meat.  Looked quite good.

Attractive salad.

Quite a big bowl of jus.

Cute little salad with nice cukes, pretty radish slice, carrots, tomato, croutons.

Cute old service dog.

Sarah's tacos were quite good, too!

Raw notes.


  • Waterfront
  • Labor Day

  • FD
    • Overall
      • Looks v good
      • Comes with a steal knife for cutting
      • Nice size
      • 4 overall, jus and too absorbent bread the missing link
      • Sandwich good, dry
      • Price
        • $15
    • Bread
      • Mentions soft baguette so could be too soft
      • Nicely toasted
      • Looks crispy
    • Meat
      • Shaved prime rib. How is this possible?
      • Juicy actually
      • Looks crispy
      • Good qty
    • Jus
      • They refer to it as 'real', so better be good
      • Big bowl
      • Delicious
      • Hot
      • A little weak
      • Mushroomy? Truffle?
      • Garlicky
    • Toppings
      • Onions, peppers and provolone could be too much and too rich
      • Look good

  • Side Salad
    • 5 of 5
    • Bleu Cheese
      • Very liquid
      • Pungent, good
    • Parmesan plentiful
      • Made the salad
      • Nicely shredded, a little thicker
    • Greens
      • Fresh
      • A little kale
      • Good contrast on leaf
      • Dry
      • Good
      • Fancy
    • Plenty, sharp
    • Croutons
      • Nice
      • Cheesy
      • Chewy and crunchy
    • Carrot nicely shaved
    • Tomato good, crunchy

  • Steak Tacos
    • Great flavor
    • Fresh
    • Spicy


Bread 3.  Too absorbent.  Nicely toasted, buttered, okay size.
Meat 4.  Pretty good meat.  No real complaints.  Was juicy, too.  Plentiful.
Non-Meat Toppings 4.  They added something.  (Cheese, onions, peppers).  Peppers made it look good and seem fancy.
Jus 4.  Good smelling.  Was initally hot, came in a large container.  Additional richness and it could have made the whole sandwich a 5.
Overall 4.  Was quite well done and fun to eat but I think the somewhat weak jus made it less then perfect.  The sandwich alone was good but dry and I hoped the jus would save the day; it helped but didn't rescue it fully, in the end.

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