Sunday, November 24, 2019

Matt Eats the French Dip at Claim Jumper in Lynnwood, WA (Alderwood)

Matt says, "3/5. A bit sloppy."

Other possible observations from Eric:

A) buttered toasted bread
B) some pepper flakes in jus could be tasty
C) some peppery beef, could be chewy
D) lots of cheese, if it's the good kind it could be beneficial
E) poor distribution of toppings and protein.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

French Dip Review: Canyon Village Market - General Store, South Rim Grand Canyon

Lovely place.

Very sad side salad.

Looks like a lot of roast beef.  And it is quite a bit indeed.  But was dry and not too appealing.

Setting the Stage

I was taking a trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was grand indeed.  I was hungry and it was lunch time and I found a market while there.  I decided to indulge in the French dip.  I was disappointed in the sandwich and its accompanying salad but it's pretty much always fun to find, order and review (and eat) a French dip.

Detailed Tasting Notes

Listed mozzarella but girl said they don't add it
Provolone only
One cook. Made service slow.
Watched him spray on butter. That could be a good thing.
Looks like it's going to be a lot of bread


Bread - looks dry. Plain. French. 2. A bit too soggy.
Meat - 2. Dry. Not much. Inconsistent amount between halves.
Non-Meat - 2. Added nothing.
Jus - pretty good and hot, 3. Not enough. Some visible fat.
Overall - 2. Dry bread, meat.

Salad. Very sad. Wilted. Ugly diced tomatoes. Italian.


Go to the Grand Canyon to be amazed and impressed.  Order this French dip if you have nothing else you can order.