Sunday, December 1, 2019

Burger Dip Review - Web Locker, Bellingham, WA

Was in Bellingham the day after Thanksgiving with my brother and his boys.  This is Ari playing at a new playground near the waterfront.

The Web Locker is down by LFS.  I'd never been.  There was a young woman working the cash register and a young fellow running the grill.  They seemed happy and fine.  You can't order the burgers a la carte: they necessarily come with fries which is a bummer.  Everyone liked their burgers; I got a burger dip because that's how I roll.  Always be on brand.

Tasting Notes

  • Sandwich alone is a 4.  Pretty good.  Cheese is tasty and creamy, melted.  Perhaps not Velveeta but seemed like government-grade cheez. Size of sanwich was large.  Looked a little greasy/buttery, which wasn't a bad thing.  Cut on bias, which was nice.
  • Toppings 4.  Onions raw good.  Added some crunchiness/crispiness.  4.
  • Jus 2.  Was not hot and not flavorful either.  Big bummer.  Basically added nothing to an already lubricated sandwich.
  • Meat 4.  Lots of burger.
  • Overall 3.  Good size and creamy processed cheese make this burger dip work.  They need to fix their jus, though!

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