Tuesday, July 13, 2021

French Dips with Broiled and Buttered Ciabatta Bread at Mom's

Setting the Stage

I was over at my parents for dinner.  Mom said she'd be making French Dips.  She had to run to a meeting so I was left putting them together.  She'd done a great job and had the roast beef, nice ciabatta rolls, butter and au jus ready to go.  All I had to do was butter rolls, heat the jus and meat.  Dad was my customer.  

The Result

French Dip

Bread  5.  Was quite good: chewy and crunchy and buttery.

Meat 4.  Was nice pretty thick deli-sliced roast beef that I heated in the jus on the stove.

Jus 4.  Was good.  Johnny's liquid variety.  Ended up being quite good and was piping hot!

Overall 4.5.  These were really good. Simple and classic.  No miss no mess.  The buttered, broiled ciabatta made it nice.  Dad and I each had two.  And we were treated to some nice side salads as well and fresh, cold, crunchy watermelon.


Broccoli Slaw with Bacon 5.  Love his salad.  Water chestnuts, bacon and red onion make it stand out.

Coleslaw 4.  Good coleslaw.  May have been burnt out on mayo-based salads at this point but was nicely made, had cold, crunch, fresh green cabbage and carrot and was light on the mayo.

Watermelon 5.  Really good "do" on the watermelon.  Hadn't enjoyed pieces of watermelon in awhile.

Thanks for having me over, Mom!