Monday, November 1, 2021

Divot's French Dip, Indian Creek Golf Course, Hood River, OR


So was out of town with my college buddies for the weekend.  Middle of the summer.  Nice place, we had fun.  Golfed or hiked every day and had a fun, relaxing weekend.  Got to show off my new guitar skills for the first time to some of these guys.

The night before at a brewery.

We're out golfing and needed a bite.  I needed the Sudden Death French dip, it seems.  I was pressured to do it.

Their menu.  Restaurant at our golf course.

Looks good.  I got onion rings.

Good bread, nice pickle spear.

Looks like puffy bread.  Yellow skewer.

Lots of toppings happening.  Medium beef.

The money shot. Mushrooms made it nice.

Yummy dregs.

Bread 5

Meat 4

Jus 5

Non-Meat Toppings 5

Overall 5

Was real good.  

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