Monday, November 1, 2021

Longhorn Saloon French Dip Review, Edison, WA

Longhorn Saloon. It's right down the road now.  Nice place.  Feels cozy and lively.  Food is good.  Has pool tables, etc.

So they have sandwiches...nice, now we're talking.

And a French dip even!

And beer!

Looks good.  Cut on bias.  No skewers.  Jus looks dark.

Medium rareness.  Nice.

Melted cheesy.

Medium rare beef looking good.

I'm liking the bias cutting and size is large.

Side salad topped with parmesan.

Dark jus.

Looks a bit bedraggled but good.

Really bedraggled.

Lots of dressing on the side.

Was a decent salad in the end.


French dip - 4

  • Swiss makes it taste gamey - sad!  Don't get Swiss ever again?
  • Good, hot jus, plentiful - nice.  5.
  • Good size
  • Lots of meat
    • Medium rare parts

Side Salad - 3

  • Parmesan
    • Shredded
    • Plentiful
  • Good
  • Temperature
    • Reasonably cold
  • Tomatoes
    • Diced
  • Greens
    • Small pieces
  • Served in small cereal bowl
  • Croutons
    • Plentiful
  • Size
    • Big enough
  • Dressing
    • Good and plentiful
    • Not noteworthy

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