Monday, November 1, 2021

The Corner Pub French Dip Review, Bow, WA


Well organized.  Lots of outdoor seating and roomy inside as well.  Doesn't have pool tables like Longhorn Saloon but that's okay.

Clean place.

Good beer selection. I like their staff as well.  Love the vibe here.

And this is the salad when you "unfold" it.

Money shot looking great with cheese and onion goodness.

Good bread.  Salad seemed fancy.  Beef was great.

Doesn't that look good? :)

Again, real pretty salad.

Jus looks good.  Maybe a little low on volume but good.

Brisket looks great.  Bread looks great.

Looks lovely.  What a pretty salad.  Brisket!  Nice to have fancy greens and grape tomatoes.

Was going to a movie this night.  I liked Free Guy.

The Corner Pub.  Out in the middle of nowhere.  Great treat.  Love it here.

So nice.  Low tide. Lots of birds and herons.

Another "inverse" review.  This is my new view.  Really nice!

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