Monday, November 1, 2021

The Farmhouse Inn French Dip Review, Mount Vernon, WA


So I made green beans earlier this day.  Roasted.  Were great.

The result.  Yum!

This is the "pie display" at The Farmhouse Inn.  Seems like the Farmhouse has been there my whole life.  It's a classic.  I wasn't expecting much but had to do my "research".

This is a view 7 miles north from The Farmhouse.

The money shot.  Looks good.  Great beef flavor and the texture of the bread was wonderful.  Like "bao".

Side of creamy horseradish.

Dark jus!  Yum!!!!

Nice looking sandiwch.  Skewers.  Cut partially on bias.

Looks good. You see the richness of the jus.

Meat may look a bit dry but not bad.

One orange, one blue skewer.

Side salad was quite good.

Really enjoyed it.  Fresh and cold.  Good chunky bleu cheese dressing, crunchy croutons.

My seat at the bar.

The Prime Rib Dip.  Nice!



  • Salad
    • Quickly served #comment
    • Dryness
    • Dressing
      • Bleu Cheese Dressing
        • Bleu chunks
        • Texture
          • Creaminess
      • Small plastic cup
    • Greens
      • Temperature
      • Fancy lettuce
      • Basic lettuce
      • A little red cabbage
      • A tiny amount of shredded carrot
    • Cucumber
    • Red onion
      • Quantity
      • Flavor
      • Crunchiness
      • Slicing
    • Croutons
      • Crunchiness
      • Saltiness
    • Plate
      • Clear Glass
  • Prime Rib Dip
    • 4 Pickle chips
      • Delicious #comment
    • Horseradish sauce
    • Sandwich
      • Skewers
        • Orange and blue
      • Size
        • Good enough
    • Bread
      • Doughiness
        • Like bao #comment
    • Meat
      • Quantity
      • Texture
      • Fat content
    • Jus
      • Saltiness
      • Richness

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