Monday, November 1, 2021

The Old Edison French Dip Review, Edison, WA

My new view.  Nov 1 morning.  Cool, moon, lovely.

View of a Great Blue Heron from my telescope.

So it was dinnertime and I was Old Father Hubbard and had nothing.  Out I went.

Seemed like I needed to know.

My seat.  The clientele were a bit seedy.  I wasn't all that impressed or having too much fun.  I was trying to watch the KC Chiefes playing Joe Judge's NY Giants on Monday Night Football.

My water.  Service was slow.  The bartender was also the waitress...running ragged.

Here it is.  Doesn't look too bad.

Bread looks okay.  Meltedness and all that looks good.

Swiss and caramelized onions.  Seems like it's going to be good right.  M, not really great.

"Smooth" bleu cheese dressing a bit of a bummer.  Didn't stand out.

Salad looked pretty good generally.

Jus looks light in color but does have floating bits so I assumed it'd be good.  It was fairly "oily" which was good.  4 of 5.

Sandwich looks good but doesn't taste all that great standalone.  2 of 5.

Money shot is not looking real great.  Jus too light in color.  The jus did "save" the sandwich though and brought the flavor up to a 4 of 5.  Quite good. Oniony.

Also seen: the picture of this lady at the bar.  Risque!

Oh and she's hanging on the wall in the men's room as well.  Risqueeeee!! 

My "new" review system.  I continue to perfect and explore. It's fun.

Here's the side salad review.



  • French dip
    • 3 #score
    • Good but only passable. #comment
    • Sandwich alone
      • 2 #score
    • Size
      • 3 #score
    • Bread
      • 3 #score
      • Soft
      • Not notable
    • With jus
      • 4 #score
    • Jus
      • 4 #score
      • Oiliness
      • Darkness
      • Flavor
        • Nice
        • Oniony
      • Temp
    • Meat
      • 2 #score
      • Meh #comment
      • Prime rib
        • Not fresh
        • Overdone
        • Pan fried
    • Caramelized Onions
      • 3 #score
    • Cheese
      • 3 #score
  • Side salad
    • 3 #score
    • Freshness
      • 3 #score
    • Purple stuff
      • Cabbage
      • Onion
        • Too much
    • Dressing
      • Not notable. #comment
      • 3 #score
    • Diced tomatoes

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