Monday, November 1, 2021

Toby's, Coupeville, WA


Doesn't look too big but it does look good.

The money shot looks pretty good!

Looks pretty good.  Medium rare beef is always nice to see.

Looks like rich jus.  Sandwich cut on bias.  Pickle slices on top, which is unique.  Bamboo skewers.  Mom got mussels.

Or I guess I was feeling frisky and got fries.  Rare move for me but I did it.  Fries are always good, aren't they?

Well, they have a French Dip, what am I going to do?  Order the French dip...and a side salad. :)


Our window view.  It's an old dive bar, generally and feels a bit "sticky" inside, I'd say.

Inside of Toby's

Nice little pic from Deception Pass Bridge.  

This is the outside.  We had to wait here for 30 minutes or more.  It was packed just because things seemed so limited on this busy summer day.

Had never been here before.  Old place.

This is like "Memento" of a blog post.  I come to Toby's in Coopeville with my mom in the middle of the summer.  It still felt like Covidtimes.  It was REALLY hot this day.  Mom and I were just looking for something fun to do and went for a drive to Oak Harbor and then farther south.  We tried going to Captian Whidbey but it was closed.  This was the only place in Coupeville that seemed doable and we were hungry.  

Bread 3

Meat 4

Jus 4

Overall 4

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