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French Dip Reviews is for people who love food and especially French Dip sandwiches.  My name is Eric Veal and I have been a fan of French Dip sandwiches since I can remember.  My mom is a food fan and I associate the sandwich with her.  I've had a lot of French Dips through they hears, some good and some bad and I wanted to share this joy with you.  I'm very passionate about food and especially the French Dip.  I'd really like to open my own French Dip restaurant.  I live in the Seattle area so let me know if you're interested.  Please follow us!

More about the blog:
Our rating system is unique and simple and developed between me and my friends and scientifically verified before, during and after each French Dip we eat and review.

We are on Twitter and also have a Facebook Fan Pag.e  We use these channels to get the word out about the blog posts we write.

And we're growing!  What started as a humble "job" of me eating and reviewing French Dips has turned into a family affair and we even have other foodies who review and write for us.  Scott M. was our first outside reviewer!

Also, you can join us by writing reviews!

About the creator
My name is Eric Veal (LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook) and I am a business, management and technology consultant living in and from northwest Washington.  I love food and the outdoors and try to stay active.  I love cooking.  My mom, Janice, who I adore, is an avid cook and has co-authored two cookbooks: San Juan Classics and San Juan Classics II.  I'm very proud of her and her and my Grandma Cleo's passion for GOOD food have inspired me to create this service and career.

My vision is that I am the world's leading authority and publisher about trends relating to comfort foods and common dishes we all know, love, and devour.


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