A Jews - Semitic slang for au jus

Burger Dip - A French dip prepared with Hamburger rather than the traditional roast beef.

Basic Dip - See "Classic".

Classic - A French dip on a basic store-bought French roll with Roast Beef and au jus.

Dip - Short slang for French dip.

Dip Meal, Dip-Meal, Dipmeal - The French dip meal in total, including the side(s), plating and jus.

Drinkable - A reference to the jus being quite delicious.

Drinker - Someone who drinks or likes to drink the jus.

Fake French dip - A non "pure" French dip, vegetarian for example

FD - French dip abbreviation

FDs - French dips abbreviation

Fully Loaded - Refers to the dip having a lot of toppings on it other than just the meat.  2 or more non-meat toppings is fully loaded.

Gourmet - A French dip that is fancy in some way, shape, or form.  Somehow, it is not trying to be simple, rather cute or fancy in some way.

Gourmet Classic - A Classic French dip with fancy bread and/or meat.  Something a purist would / should love.

Jus - Short or alternative for Au Jus (since Au means "with" and saying "with Au Jus" is redundant).

Juses™ - The long lost brother of Jesus, our mascot and also the plural of Jus.

Oilyish - Exhibiting an oily character.

Phrench Diplly - If you dip a Philly - Courtesy of Doug Cassidy on Facebook

Prime rib dip - A French dip with prime rib meat instead of roast beef

Purist - Someone who orders French dips without the non-meat toppings (like cheese and onions, for example)

Wet - To serve a French dip "pre-dipped"

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