How we rate

We use the system below to rate our French dips.  Our goal is to be specific, and maybe over time we'll deliver an app that makes this process even more simple and fun!

  1. Pick a place.  Figure out where you want to go.  Check reviews, talk to friends, or just dive right in.
  2. Order.  Find that right dip for you.  We prefer that you order the dip as it's listed in the menu without modification, that way you're being true to the chef's intentions!
  3. Take some pics.  Catalog your experience.  Photograph the menu, menu item, plate, sandwich, au jus, and any other thing you find interesting while there!
  4. Take some notes.  Make sure you're thinking of the thing from many angles.  Make notes of the major items and takeaways for you.
  5. Write it up.  Contact us and we can get you published!

Review dimensions
The following elements are included in any French dip review.  We try to be consistent in capturing the entire experience from beginning to end, while "diving deep" to really chronicle the essence of digging into an FD.

  • Setting the scene.  Tell us about the restaurant or eating establishment, what was around you?  
  • Menu and Ordering.  How did you find the menu overall.  The ordering and your choices/options.
  • Plate.  How did the plate look when it arrived?  
  • Skewer method.  How was the sandwich skewered (assuming it was)?
  • Bread.  How is the bread?  Soft? Hard?  Pretty?  Tasty?
  • Meat.  How's the meat?  Taste, texture, quantity.
  • Non-meat toppings.  Necessary?  An improvement?
  • Au jus.  How is the dipping sauce?  Temperature, taste, flavor.  Quantity.
  • Portion.  How did you find the overall size to be?  Not enough, just right, a ton?
  • Overall dip.  How was the dip overall?  You likey?
  • Other (fun?) stuff while there.  What else did you see / learn in your adventure?  Share!
  • Summary.  Tell us about your overall rating experience.

Rating Scale
We provide ratings on a scale of 0 to 5 for the Bread, Meat, Au Jus, and Overall Dip.  The 0 to 5 range can be broken (in either direction) for true outliers.

Greater than 5: Holy cow, I can't believe it!  Amazing!
5:  Excellent, extremely good, perfect, can't be beat.
4:  Really good, solid, commendable.
3:  Fair, just above average, good enough.
2:  Not great.
1:  Pretty low, getting pretty far down there.  Not acceptable.
0:  Bad.  Fail.  Shouldn't be there.
Less than zero (negative numbers):  Really bad.  Extremely bad.

The Technical Process
  1. Before:
    1. Add to Locations list
    2. Research
    3. Read reviews
  2. During:
    1. Take digital pictures
    2. Check in on Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, etc.
  3. Composing:
    1. Upload pictures to Picasa or Google+ (create album)
    2. Start post from template
    3. Include pictures from Picasa
    4. Write text
    5. Proofread
    6. Publish 
  4. Promoting:
    1. Tweet (self, @FrenchDipReview)
    2. Facebook (self, French Dip Reviews page)
    3. Google Group (email list)
    4. Notify select individuals

Copy-Paste of a Review Template
Setting the scene
Tell us about the background leading up  to this French dip reviewing experience.  Take a picture.

Menu and Ordering
Tell us about the menu and ordering process.  Take a picture.

Show us and tell us about the plate when it arrived, including the salad if it came out in advance.  What were your impressions?  How did it look, smell.  Take pictures.

Skewer method
Tell us about the type of skewer (if any) that they used in your dip.

How was the bread?  Hard, soft, firm, chewy, sweet?

How was the meat (or main protein substance) in the sandwich?  Delicious?  Chewy, good, bad, too much, too little?

Non-meat toppings
Were there any non-meat toppings on or with the sandwich?  Were they any good?  Did they add anything to the dip or did they detract?

Au jus
How was the au jus?  Portion?  Temperate, taste?  Salty, anything extra?  Thickness.

How was the overall portion of the sandwich / meal?  Enough, too much, too little?

How was the value (output) for the price?  Good?  Bad?  Rip off?  Deal?

Overall dip
How was the dip overall?  Think about it, describe it.

Other (fun?) stuff while there
What else did you see / do in your reviewing experience that you enjoyed?  Anything fun, out of the norm, unusual?


Score (0-5)Comments
Au Jus

Reason to go back:  if for only a single available reason, why would you go back to this place?

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