1. Know the done-ness of the meat.  Consider how well done the beef is: rare, medium-rare, well done.  This'll make a pretty big difference in the type and texture of the sandwich - Submitted by Eric 9/29/2011
  2. Know the meat's age.  Ask the wait staff when the meat was cooked to get a sense of how much they care about the meat...could be old, for example, or super fresh! - Submitted by JP 9/25/2011
  3. Use big jus cups.  Get a BOWL of au jus to avoid the risk of outage - Submitted by Adam 9/26/2011
  4. Heat the au jus serving dish.  The au jus will stay hotter, longer if the serving dish retains heat.  Surprisingly, styrofoam makes for a very good au jus container for its heat-retention properties.

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